Posted Sep 25, 2009 by Qetzal, Head of Product

Welcome to Ecwid!

from-blog Wow! Finally, the day has arrived for us to open Ecwid to the public. Ecwid one of the first 100% AJAX e-commerce platforms in the world. We believe that this is THE right approach to add e-commerce to your site. No more mess with PHP, no more hosting glitches, no more trouble getting the software look like it’s a fundamental part of your site.

We are not here to bash PHP: we have X-Cart and LiteCommerce, PHP products that have been the core of our business since 2001. We will continue to develop PHP e-commerce software. All of today’s best shopping carts are PHP based. PHP always was and still is the way to go if you have a bunch of geeks constantly modding your site. But what if you need just a store, nice and easy, working in minutes? That’s what Ecwid is for. And it is quite powerful, too.

We’ve spent a lot of time to ensure it is well designed and provides a smooth experience for store owners and end users alike. AJAX gives Ecwid a lightning-fast interface, drag and drop functionality, and ease of integration.

With X-Cart, we made sure that support and custom development services are always around when customers need it. With Ecwid, we focused on creating a product that would not require technical support at all. We focused on minimizing maintenance expenses, and we think we succeeded: Ecwid is … well, 100% free. Upgrades are seamless. Design alterations are just CSS changes.

But enough words. Just try it.

We would be happy to see Ecwid generating sales for you — and doing so immediately! We are looking for your feedback, so please join the forums and help Ecwid community grow! The Ecwid team will also be active on the forums. We can’t miss out on all the fun :)

Please mind that Ecwid is BETA and will stay in beta for quite a while. We just want to make it beta the Google way: we are going to improve it constantly.

Stay tuned, there will be more news in this blog. We’ll be adding more features. We’ll be adding more languages. We’ll be adding more widgets. We hope you’ll like it.

Welcome on board!

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