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The Keys to Starting a Successful Online Candy Business

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What’s better than a candy store? When somebody is excited, they are described as being “happier than a kid in a candy store.” But people of all ages enjoy candy stores, too. There is no better treat than a trip to the store to pick out all the delicious snacks that your sweet tooth is craving.

As online retail becomes more and more commonplace, there is plenty of room online for candy stores. In fact, starting an online candy store can be a great idea for an entrepreneur looking to start a business. But there is work involved if you want to run your online candy business successfully. Here is everything you should know about how to start a candy business online.

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Advantages of Selling Candy Online

With the potential to sell such a wide variety of items online, why choose candy? There are several key advantages to selling candy online that make it worthwhile.


First, candy tends to be very affordable. This means there is not much investment required to start an online candy business. Retailers can purchase candy in bulk for relatively cheap, making it easy to keep their inventory up. While this does result in lower price points, most retailers can make up for that by selling in high quantities.

Easy to Ship

The biggest struggle of online retail compared to in-person retail is order fulfillment. This makes it difficult or more expensive to ship items that are bulky, heavy, or fragile. Most candy is none of these things. It is lightweight and not usually at risk for damage in transit as long as it is handled appropriately.

Always in Demand

The candy market is extremely lucrative. While there are some seasonal trends, there is no off-season for candy sales. Candy sales exceeded $42 billion in 2022, which shows just how profitable this industry can be. Therefore, with effective marketing and planning, selling candy online is a relatively safe business choice.

How to Start a Candy Store at Home: A Few Basic Steps

Health Permits

Any business that sells food is required to be certified by their local health agencies. Luckily, health department permits are not costly and do not take much time to acquire. Other certifications your business may need include a basic business license, a resale permit, and a seller’s permit.

Finding a Niche

One of the advantages of selling candy is how much variety the market offers. But trying to do too much can spread your business thin and prevent you from standing out. It is often better to find a niche in the market with high demand but low competition.

For an online candy store, this can mean prioritizing certain types of candy. Setting up an online shop that specializes in European chocolates, rare items, or vintage candies, for instance, will give your brand a clear identity. Plus, if you can become an authority or go-to shop for certain items, you can maintain a steady, consistent business. This will make it easier to grow your business (and product offerings) later on.

Finding Suppliers

Another key for your online candy store will be finding reliable suppliers. When it comes to choosing a candy supplier, there are two things to focus on. First is product variety. Your suppliers should be able to provide the products that you want to sell. Preferably, you will have access to a range of high-quality, unique items.

The second concern is delivery. Candy sales can happen fast, and require timely delivery. On top of that, items should be stored safely to avoid contamination. Choosing suppliers with a good reputation for customer service and shipping is a major asset. Be sure to read reviews on potential suppliers to ensure good quality.

Order Fulfillment Methods

Speaking of shipment, another area you will need to solve is order fulfillment for your customers. Using ecommerce tools to help with local delivery can help small businesses immensely. But this is something that every online retailer needs to figure out before launching their business. As mentioned, candy orders should be timely, as no one wants to wait too long for snacks.

One way to streamline your fulfillment services is to use dropshipping, allowing your supplier to handle all deliveries. While this method can save time and resources, it is not without some risks. Dropshipping businesses sacrifice some control, which can limit their growth potential. The primary alternative is to buy products in bulk from a wholesaler. Alternatively, you may choose to make and sell your own homemade candy.

Building Your Online Candy Store Website

After figuring out your business model, there is still one thing left to do: build your website. If you have no web design experience, this may seem like an impossible challenge. But it is actually relatively easy to create your own online store these days. The solution is to use an ecommerce platform’s website builder.

Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

An ecommerce platform is a platform designed to help businesses create and manage their websites and online stores. Choosing an ecommerce platform that suits your business’s unique needs is as important as choosing the right products and suppliers.

There are a few basic features that any online store needs. Easy checkout and the ability to accommodate multiple payment methods are two essential features. For an online candy store, searchability can make a big difference as well.

Additionally, having an eye-catching website with high-quality product listings should also be a priority for your online candy store. It’s important to choose an ecommerce platform that allows for customization, while also providing the tools to build and expand your online store.

Ecwid is one such ecommerce platform that caters to small business owners by allowing them to create professional-looking websites quickly and easily. Ecwid users have access to an extremely wide range of tools to help set up and manage your business. Read about how to add products to your store or setting up payments to learn more about how Ecwid’s ecommerce platform can help your business.


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