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Squarespace Ecommerce Templates: Best Squarespace Themes Overview

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When setting up a site, particularly in regards to setting up a place to establish your own ecommerce hub, we could all use a helping hand. There’s nothing wrong with getting some assistance with these matters, and thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there to help you in your goals. Squarespace is a well-known ecommerce platform that has been helping many new online business owners make a home for their wares and sales since 2004. Their ease of use in setting up a site to put their works on display and allow easy purchase for these consumers is increasingly appealing, especially for someone just getting their bearings.

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Themes on Themes

Nothing can be more overwhelming than setting up a new shop, and one of the hardest decisions a new business owner has to make is their theme. The way everything looks to potential customers could be the determining factor in whether or not they stay to browse. You want to make sure to choose something that holds their attention and makes them comfortable, because the longer they stay to look, the greater the chance of them buying something. While it is not the only goal of a business owner to simply make more money—as the customer always matters, it is certainly an important aspect.

Nothing can hurt a business more than being a virtual eyesore. Squarespace offers an expansive array of themes and templates to make the life of a new business owner easier than ever. These themes and Squarespace templates make picking the appearance of your shop a consolidated and streamlined event. There are some pros and cons that a new shop owner needs to take into consideration, though, when making their final choice. Easy does not always equate to better, after all.

The Good

It goes without saying that Squarespace templates make life easier. It’s an important decision after all. This will be the first impression that a potential customer gets when they visit your business. Unless you’re also savvy with some web development and editing, however, making something attractive and—at the same time—easy to navigate is no easy feat. You’ve got to put your efforts into your craft, after all, so taking up an extra class in web design is most likely off the table.

The right Squarespace template will also allow you to find the right mood to fit your business. Every shop has a different feel, and the extensive list has great tools to get established with minimal effort. Make sure that your customers are comfortable and that the vibe matches the product; this is key in pleasing your next buyer. Be sure to utilize what editing capabilities the Squarespace templates have to offer to maximize the potential growth and onset of your new business. You never know who might stop by simply because they like the colors.

The Bad

That all sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Ease of use; simple set up; minimal effort; and sleek, streamlined designs to get your business off the ground and into the digital market? It all seems a bit too good to be true. So you’re probably wondering what the catch might be—and, needless to say, there is certainly a catch. While Squarespace templates offer an easy way to set up an online transaction center, this ease of use also acts as a bit of a double-edged sword.

We’re sure that we’ve all heard the adage at this point that it’s never good to take shortcuts. Well, while this is not necessarily a shortcut per se; there are some downsides that come with relying on a Squarespace template.

Making things easy also has its limitations. While it is nice to have a streamlined method of setting up shop, so to speak, it also means that you are stuck with what the company has to offer. Squarespace templates might never truly capture the essence of your business, and you are required to keep your dreams within the confines of their design. They are also known for having some frustrating aspects in terms of customization as a company gets larger and has more advanced needs. Some of these needs might be requiring a more hierarchical design to their site, or being able to provide multiple multilingual sites in a simple way.

For a brief recap before getting into some of the best Squarespace templates:

Squarespace Pros

  • Ease of use
  • Streamlined assistance
  • Wide variety of templates
  • Quick set-up for selling your wares

Squarespace Cons

  • Limited capabilities
  • Frustrating editing for larger companies
  • Lack of streamlined multilingual site setup

Honorable Mentions

Reviews and comparisons aside, we want to get into a few of the actual templates themselves so that you have a head start in picking the best Squarespace template for your business. Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite picks from the Squarespace templates selection. Keep in mind that while each of these templates comes with its own unique flair and character, they are all integrated to work with computers, mobile devices, and tablet viewing.

Mariana theme

Squarespace Mariana Theme


Up first in our selection of preferred Squarespace templates is called Mariana. This template is mainly focused on those who are setting up their own fashion business. The color scheme is simple and in no way overwhelming, while still offering enough pop and contrast to catch your next customer’s eye. They’ll be quickly enticed by the hot orange, which draws their attention to your next great piece of clothing. This Squarespace template also offers a vibrant, yet calming green to leave any visitor with a satisfying sense of ease after browsing your selection.

Vance theme

Squarespace Vance Theme


Up next is for the foodies. This one is for those promoting a restaurant, cafe, or local deli—or even those simply looking to elevate all of those Instagram-worthy food photos. What Vance does that other Squarespace templates don’t is place primary focus on the food. The initial page shows an assortment of spices, produce, meats, and cheeses set upon a comfortably lit black background—to already get the visitor’s mind, and stomach, in the mood for something tasty. The simple black and white backgrounds are the key to making each dish presented simply pop, emphasizing the various colors to such a degree, you’d think you’d be able to taste the page.

With simplicity in mind, Vance allows the focus to stay on the food while allowing for enough space to write a brief description (about the various services and dishes your business has to offer). Be sure to keep this one in mind when looking for the best Squarespace template. Hopefully, you can keep your hand off the snack supply while browsing through this one.

Bailard theme

Squarespace Bailard Theme

Nothing is better than a good travel blog. They invoke a spirit of exploration and let us experience some of the most beautiful places in the world—right from the comfort of wherever our screen might be sitting. This is why we could not leave out Bailard from our selection of potential Squarespace templates. From the outset, you are presented with a verdant banner of what looks like an endless forest. Where this forest lies and where it leads is all a part of the mystery. Inspire your viewer to get outside and find the next place for this next big adventure.

This template sticks to the overall theme of minimalism by offering soft-edged buttons and white backgrounds—to truly keep the focus on your words and images as they lead visitors through your own personal adventures. Whether it be for travel alone, or even promoting your own eco-based efforts for a better world, Bailard will surely get your next visitor focused on the beauty of nature. What’s more calming and inviting than a vibrant canopy, after all?

Surface Value

Despite these pros and cons—and the selection of Squarespace templates, we’ve barely scratched the surface. The list is extensive, so be sure to scan through carefully while you look for the best Squarespace template for your new business.

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