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16 Cool Product Photography Ideas for Online Stores

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One of the most essential parts of selling products online is high-quality images. In fact, it could be argued that pictures are what really sell the product.

After all, it’s hard to convince a potential buyer with poor photos that don’t truly show the product. This is especially true with the significant influx into ecommerce, as it has become a significantly more competitive market for everyone.

This means that ecommerce business owners must be more creative than ever with their product photography ideas. Otherwise, they won’t be able to set themselves apart from the competition.

Fortunately, this isn’t an impossible task, as a majority of ecommerce stores stick to the mold and do the same things everyone else is doing. Owners who want to take advantage of this can create an edge for themselves by taking more unique images.

We have put together a great list of creative product photography ideas that can help ecommerce stores stand out.

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Backdrop Ideas for Product Photography

A backdrop can make all the difference in a product photo. A common backdrop for product photos is a plain white background. This is often a great introductory photo to show the product clearly, and some platforms prefer this as a primary image.

However, changing it up with different backdrop ideas for product photography can add a flashy appeal to a listing. Here are some other great backdrops to try.


A gray or off-white backdrop helps to keep the product front and center but adds an elegant contrast. This helps to maintain the neutral look but allows the product to stand out more.

Solid or vibrant colors

Using a colored background can be a powerful move in product photography, but it is important to ensure the product still stands out. An ecommerce business can employ its brand colors in the backdrop or colors that contrast nicely with the product.

As a bonus, colors can be used to communicate an emotional association.

Black and bold

Black backdrops can be tricky to use right, but when they are, they communicate an incredible elegance and luxury. These backdrops are often seen in high-end products like watches and jewelry. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used for other products as well.

Just make sure that the product still stands out, especially if the product is black. In this case, creative lighting can be used to create a contrast around the border of the product.

Add imagery

A backdrop doesn’t have to be uniform or a solid color. Some ecommerce businesses may have success employing imagery across their backdrop. For example, coffee beans that are artistically scattered across a countertop for a coffee brand. This is a simple example, but don’t hesitate to get creative.

Adding imagery like this can help flesh out the product in the person’s mind and connect to the ingredients or experience.

Christmas Product Photography Ideas

Christmas is an important time of the year for any ecommerce business. After all, any product business wants to capitalize on the increased buying of this time of year.

Several Christmas product photography ideas can help to spruce up imagery for the holidays.

Use christmas colors

For a simple twist, add a Christmas-colored backdrop to product images for the holidays. This helps to bring a sense of the time of year and displays the Christmas spirit to those shopping.

Try splitting the background with red and green, or stripe them across the back. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of these colors for a backdrop.

Christmas props and scenes

Christmas props and scenes can be an incredible way to communicate the season for product imagery. The backdrop can feature pine tree branches, garlands, fake snow, or bulbs to add flair. Just make sure the product remains the centerpiece over the decorations.

If a business wants to go all out, they can set up a full scene. Place the product unwrapped under the tree or sitting next to other gifts.

Model christmas

Depending on budget, it can be beneficial to hire models for a Christmas lifestyle shoot.

Show people receiving the product as gifts or in the foreground during a Christmas gathering. This helps to create a personal connection with potential buyers.

Unique and Cool Product Photography Ideas

Now, let’s take a look at some of the more unique and cool product photography ideas. These take a bit more of a creative eye than some of the traditional methods and ideas, but they can pay off with some of the best shots.

Smoke it out

Using smoke can result in some of the most unique images. It brings a touch of mystery, atmosphere, and even elegance to a product.

Try employing different colors of smoke for even further effect. It doesn’t have to be real smoke, as editing software like Photoshop can create smoke effects.

Motion freezes

Motion freezes can create incredibly artistic photos. Try capturing the product with splashes of water, waves of sand, or other materials.

However, it is important to have a good camera and use the right settings to capture motion shots effectively.

Set up on stands

Using stands like cubes, other shapes, or stones within product photography can introduce a dynamic effect to the imagery. It allows the product to stand out, no pun intended.

This method is commonly seen in the makeup world.

Try different angles

Simply changing the angle of a shot can make all the difference. Experiment with photos of the product at various and even strange angles.

There may be a hidden gem angle that shows off the product in an incredibly unique way.

Hang it up

Simply hanging up a product in different ways can create some creative product photography ideas at home. String it up from different angles using rope, wires, or another product related to it.

Take many pictures using different lighting effects and angles to find the perfect shots. Even better, blend this with a Christmas theme by hanging a product up with Christmas lights.

More Common Commercial Product Photography Ideas

Of course, we don’t want to disregard some of the tried and true commercial product photography ideas. After all, some of them are widely used because they work, plain and simple.

Product in use

One of the common product image ideas is to show the product in use. This helps to connect the customer with the product and imagine themselves using it.

Play around with different settings or methods of use to add some flair to the shot.

Lifestyle shoots

Lifestyle shoots are similar to the product in use, but it may be more of a full scene rather than just the product.

A lifestyle shoot typically shows models actively using the product or interacting with the product in the scene. These are not necessarily easy product photography ideas, as it can be expensive to hire talent and spend hours shooting.

The great thing about lifestyle shots is that they can incorporate multiple products. This makes it easy to get a full line of products in one promotional piece or listing image.

Natural and outdoor shots

It doesn’t always take a studio to create amazing product photos. Some of the most creative shots and scenes can be created right outside.

In fact, for some products, this may be the more fitting option, such as with products that have natural ingredients.

The best part is that nature offers plenty of free backdrops and scenes to use. Experiment with location, time of day, and lighting to create some artistic outdoor shots.

Convey atmosphere and emotion

Some of the best product photos are designed to invoke feelings of emotion and atmosphere. This helps potential customers to connect with the product on a personal level and imagine its benefits.

Grab a pen and paper, and note down experiences a person can have with a product and the feelings of these experiences.

For instance, an ad for a pillow that shows a person sleeping on a cloud. This is a somewhat simple and generic example, but it conveys the good rest a person will get with the pillow.

The Importance of Lighting

Whatever product photography idea you may be using, lighting is one of the most important parts. In fact, lighting can completely transform a shot of any kind. So, when taking photos of a product, make sure to experiment with different lighting methods to find the right fit.

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