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Online Furniture Stores That Do It Right

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The internet has changed the way we shop for furniture. These days, people can buy a Scandinavian dresser from their couch by way of a laptop screen. The best online furniture stores will have an enormous selection and offer competitive prices on everything from sofas to coffee tables.

You don’t need to fly halfway around the world anymore to find that perfect piece of vintage Danish oak furniture — you can find it all with just one click! Let’s take a look at some examples.

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Since launching on September 1, 2011, Wayfair has grown to be one of the biggest online furniture stores in North America. With over seven million products, including home decor and kitchen appliances, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for any room in your house.

The company sells home goods, including decorative accents, lighting products, and furniture for kitchens and bathrooms. Wayfair also offers a wide variety of area rugs that can customize the look of a room. Wayfair has a massive selection of items on its website, including dining room sets for parties and outdoor furniture that you can use inside or outside. They offer free shipping to all 50 states!

Wayfair has consistently been rated one of the best online furniture stores by multiple top review sites. Customers appreciate its free shipping, easy returns, and competitive prices. In addition, Wayfair is known for having an excellent customer service team that can help answer questions or solve any problem a person might have with their purchase.

What Wayfair does right:

  • Offers an enormous selection
  • Competitive prices and free shipping to all 50 states
  • A good customer service team

China Furniture Online

The website ships products to more than 160 countries worldwide, but most of its customers are in Europe and North America. It has quite a large selection on offer, with over 30 000 items available online, including all kinds of furniture for the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. The company believes in providing quality products at low prices.

China Furniture Online believes that modern furniture should be of good design and stylish, offering its customers the best value for money without compromising on comfort or safety of their homes. Their website has easy-to-use navigation with clear categories like bedroom, living room, or dining area, which helps customers easily navigate through what they are looking for.

The company works only with the best suppliers that offer competitive prices and excellent quality products that they can pass on to their customers to provide them with good value for money. In addition, the store offers free shipping worldwide, has an easy return policy, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

How China Furniture Online gets it right:

  • Offering a large selection of products on their website
  • Competitive prices and free shipping worldwide


Manutti is an online furniture store based in Belgium. The company offers modern outdoor furniture made of high-quality materials. They have a wide selection of pieces, including stylish armchairs and sofas that can help you create the perfect living room arrangement for relaxing or entertaining guests at your home.

For almost two decades, launching in 2002, Manutti has dedicated itself to creating and designing high-end outdoor furniture as unique as their customers. All of their well-known tables, chairs, footrests, sofas, and lounges are available in a range of natural hues that invite people to enjoy company with their friends and family.

How Manutti makes selling work for them:

  • Offering stylish and high-quality outdoor furniture
  • A variety of pieces available for creating the perfect living room arrangement
  • Outstanding customer service

One Kings Lane

OneKingsLane is a popular online furniture and home decor store with over five million customers in the United States. The company offers modern pieces that can help you create your dream living room, bedroom, or dining space for entertaining guests at your home.

The website has easy-to-navigate categories with clear images and prices that make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. OneKingsLane is known as a popular source of unique, high-quality furniture and home decor at affordable prices. However, its products are sometimes sold out quickly due to the popularity of items on its website.

How One Kings Lane makes it work:

  • Offering unique and high-quality furniture at affordable prices
  • Free shipping on all the products sold online


Founded in 1999, Afrikrea is a global online platform that offers its customers a great selection of modern handcrafted designer pieces for their homes. The website has every room covered with elegant armchairs, tables, sofas, beds, and more to help customers create the best living room arrangement for entertaining guests or just relaxing at home.

The company uses only high-quality materials that are handcrafted by skilled artisans who have years of experience in their craft. As a result, the pieces offered on Afrikrea’s website can vary significantly, with prices starting from $249.99 ranging to $15,000 depending on the work and type of material used creating it.

How Afrikrea does it:

  • Offering a large selection of modern designer pieces at affordable prices
  • Products made with high-quality materials by skilled artisans who have years of experience in their craft
  • free shipping worldwide
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

How You Can Do It Right

By following the lead of other successful online stores, you can create your own strategy to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible. If you can, make sure to offer free shipping worldwide, provide a wide selection of products, make every page on the website easy to navigate, and have an easy-to-use online shopping cart that is secure.

Business owners who follow this example will see a better return on their investment and more satisfied customers, which leads to increased revenues! That’s where Ecwid comes in.

We can help you with our platform, enabling you to sell on multiple sites, including eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Etsy. You can also sell on your personal site and social media platforms. As a result, we can help make the daunting task of getting all your sales together that much easier.

Check out today and be amazed at how easy we can make online selling for your small business!

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