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Now PayPal Shopping Helps You Recover Lost Sales
Posted Mar 28, 2019 by Jesse Ness, Ecwid Team

Now PayPal Shopping Helps You Recover Lost Sales

With 267 Million+ active users and an intuitive user experience, PayPal has long been a checkout solution for Ecwid merchants.

Recently, PayPal began enabling select US merchants to send “Store Cash” offers directly to abandoned shopper’s PayPal wallets. And we’re excited to announce that PayPal just made Store Cash available as a standard feature for all qualified Ecwid merchants in the U.S.

Paypal store cash

If you’re a qualified merchant, PayPal will send Store Cash to eligible PayPal shoppers that visit your website and don’t complete a PayPal purchase. PayPal will send a notification right to their inboxes to incentivize them back to your Ecwid store to complete their purchases.

And don’t worry about shoppers taking your cash and running. Store Cash can only be redeemed on your site, and it’s applied automatically during the PayPal Checkout process.

The best part? You don’t pay a dime for the amount you set in the Store Cash offer until you close the sale, making Store Cash a simple cost-per-acquisition campaign designed to  help drive sales.

Create a Store Cash campaign

How Store Cash Works

Shoppers choose PayPal for a fast checkout experience that helps keep payments secure and protected. The ability to offer Store Cash means that select Ecwid merchants can now incentivize those shoppers when they leave their stores without making a purchase. Store Cash is designed to help recapture sales that might otherwise be lost.

Set up a Store Cash campaign and when a PayPal identified shopper visits a page with PayPal Checkout and doesn’t complete a PayPal purchase, eligible shoppers will receive an email from PayPal containing your chosen Store Cash amount and a link back to your site to redeem their gift if they checkout with PayPal.

If a shopper has Store Cash for your store in their wallet and returns to a page with PayPal Checkout, they’ll be shown a reminder that they have Store Cash to spend. Qualified shoppers will have 7 days to use their Store Cash from the date they receive the offer and can’t receive more than 1 offer in a 30 day period.

Paypal store cash 1

How to Create a Store Cash Campaign

Currently, Store Cash is in limited availability for select merchants. To get started with Store Cash, you will need to:

  • Operate your business in the United States.
  • Have a PayPal account enabled as a payment option in Ecwid Control Panel → Payment (which you can set up after connecting your PayPal account on Ecwid).
  • Have PayPal Checkout offered on your cart page.
  • Verify your eligibility.
  • Agree to the Store Cash Terms and Conditions when creating a campaign.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you can simply create your Store Cash campaign. You’ll select how many abandoned shoppers you’d like to receive Store Cash and the Store Cash amount to send in each Store Cash campaign as an incentive to complete their purchase.

With the campaign created, you can return to your campaign performance dashboard to see how much Store Cash is being redeemed with a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) report. You’ll only pay for redeemed Store Cash that generates a sale with the sales transaction deposited to your PayPal balance, minus the Store Cash amount and your regular PayPal fees. Note that your PayPal fee is calculated based on the total transaction amount (before Store Cash is applied).

Whether your website traffic is heavy or light, Store Cash can help identify your lost sales and it’s designed to help recover them with a no hassle, couponless experience for shoppers.

Turn Your Abandoned Shoppers into Paying Customers

At Ecwid, we’re dedicated to delivering the best tools to help our merchants be successful and grow their businesses.

Store Cash powered by PayPal Shopping is designed to help simplify abandoned shopper recovery, giving merchants an easy-to-set-up campaign and a rewarding checkout experience for their customers.

Create a Store Cash campaign

About the author
Jesse is the Marketing Manager at Ecwid and has been in e-commerce and internet marketing since 2006. He has experience with PPC, SEO, conversion optimization and loves to work with entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.
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