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New Business Tools on Instagram
Posted Jun 9, 2016 by Kristen Pinkman

Instagram Unveils Three New Tools For Businesses

Last week, Instagram announced that it will release three new business tools for commercial entities using the social network to stay in touch with their fans and customers. There will be dedicated business profiles, statistics and analytics for your posts, and promoted posts.

So cool! We’ve known Instagram is effective for social media marketing, but until now individual accounts couldn’t see data on their growth. With these updates in place, business accounts will be able to see just how they’re reaching their audience.

Let’s take a closer look at these new features to see how you can use them to further develop and market your own Ecwid e-commerce shop.

Business profiles

This helps clearly differentiate between businesses and regular Instagram users. A special “contact” button allows users to call, email, or text with a business from their profile. Users will even be able to see the business location and address in the “directions” field. Businesses will soon stand out on Instagram unlike ever before.


A long overdue feature for Instagram, “Insights” is the analytics component that helps paint a complete picture of how your posts are performing and what kind of audience you’re reaching.

Likes, comments and follows are great, but they don’t tell the whole story; now you can harvest some concrete numbers and statistics. There are three categories of Instagram Insight statistics for business users:

  • Account insights will show you numbers pertaining to impressions, reach, and user engagement with your posts
  • Ad insights will show your paid advertisement posts’ performance in terms of impressions, reach, and frequency
  • Ad staging is home to all the numbers you need in order for you and your team to direct your ad creatives

The statistics you capture via Insights can help inform your Instagram marketing strategy.

With Insights, you can identify the best times of day for you to post content, monitor how fast your influence is growing, and create better ad campaigns for your business through collaboration and planning. We’ve waited a long time for these improvements, and it’s finally on the way to your Instagram app!

Promoted posts

With all the new improvements, Instagram didn’t ignore the biggest of all: monetizing the platform. Now, you can promote any post from your profile — not just advertisements — and watch your reach grow.

Best of all, connecting with your users on Instagram is easier than ever. Simply add a call-to-action button to any promoted post, and your users will be able to natively visit links and more without even leaving their Instagram app.

Instagram has promised that these features will be available for all regions by the end of the year. If you haven’t already been developing your business’ Instagram profile, now is the time to get a head start.

What else is cool about selling on Instagram?

For Ecwid entrepreneurs, Instagram’s cool new features don’t end there. Using the Ecwid Mobile App for iOS, upload photos directly from your storefront to your Instagram profile.

Just select the product photo you want to share and tap the “share” icon in the top right corner. Attract new customers and keep your branding consistent, all the way from your storefront to your Instagram posts!

Publish photos on Instagram right from your Ecwid Mobile App

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About the author
Kristen is a social media manager at Ecwid. She finds inspiration in sci-fi books, jazz music and home-cooked food.