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Learn How to Print Boards and Pins from Pinterest

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Advantages of Using Pinterest for Ecommerce

A platform specializing in the discovery of seemingly limitless visual content, Pinterest is becoming a powerful tool for the ecommerce industry. Boasting nearly half a billion monthly active users, the platform has emerged as a titan of the social sharing landscape.

You know Pinterest for its iconic pins and boards for saving content. Beyond just pinning and creating boards, Pinterest allows businesses to gain exposure and generate revenue when used effectively. But what do we mean by using Pinterest effectively? For one thing, taking advantage of all the different ways you can use the platform, like printing directly from Pinterest.

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Why Print from Pinterest?

After building an engaging Pinterest business account filled with beautiful boards and fun pins, you might find yourself wanting a hard copy of your visual content. Having a real-live copy of your digital boards and pins can help you further conceptualize and design the digital display of your product and overall brand.

Whether you’re hanging images of your visual content on a physical vision board or creating a portfolio, you’ll need to know how to print from Pinterest.

To learn how to print your boards and pins, follow our guidelines for successfully printing from Pinterest.

An Overview of Printing From Pinterest

These step-by-step instructions include a detailed how-to on printing boards and pins from Pinterest on different devices. Each set of instructions offers separate steps, but all are structured to avoid using PDFs.

Often, PDFs include all information displayed on a page, such as headings and other text. But you’re likely uninterested in printing text included on boards or pins, and these guiding steps will ensure that the only content printed from Pinterest is images.

Before printing anything, make sure that your device is connected to your printer. Also, check that your printer is loaded with enough paper and ink to prevent interruptions while printing your boards and pins.

How to print Pinterest Board on Macs

To start printing your Pinterest board from a Mac device, open a web browser and log in to Pinterest. Open a panel you want to print, then right-click on the page. Be careful where you right-click to ensure that you print the board and not individual images (unless you want to print an individual image, in which case, that’s exactly what you should be doing—but more on that later).

An easy way to ensure that you are about to print what you are trying to print is to right-click on the white space between the board title and description. Select “Save As” and save the Pinterest board in a new or separate folder to quickly find it.

Next, open the folder that you saved the board in and select all the images you want to print. Then go to “View,” open “Contact Sheet,” and drag the pictures to organize them in the order you want them to be printed. After, go to “File,” select “Print,” then select “Scale to Fit.” To review how the images are organized, go to “Preview” then “Layout.” Once pleased with the layout of your pictures, click the final print button.

How to Print Pinterest Board from a PC

Similar to printing on Macs, to print Pinterest boards on a PC, open a web browser and log in to Pinterest. Open a board you want to print, then right-click on the page. Select “Save As” and save the Pinterest board in a new or separate folder for easy finding. Then, open the folder that you saved the board in and hold the ctrl button while left-clicking on the images you want to print.

Next, right-click on each image you want to print and select print once all desired pictures are selected. After, decide on the layout of your images by choosing how many images you want to be displayed on each page. Once you’re finished finalizing the layout, click “Print.”

How to Print on Pinterest App Using iOS Devices

Airprint-enabled iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads can print right from the Pinterest App. This is possible as long as the app and your printer both support AirPrint. Before printing anything from the Pinterest App, ensure that both your iOS device and printer have this feature enabled, and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To begin the print-from-app process, open the app and click the share icon or the three dots on the page to find printing options. If a print option does not appear, check the app’s User Guide or Help section. Once locating the print option, click the print icon. Next, select “Printer” and connect to an AirPrint-enabled printer.

For printing preferences, select the number of copies or separate pages you want to print. After selecting your preferences, hit “Print” in the upper-right hand corner.

How to Print from Pinterest for Android

To print from your Android phone, start by adding a printer that can receive data by Wi-Fi or mobile network. Open the Settings app on your phone, click “Connected Devices,” then “Connection Preferences,” followed by “Printing.” Next, select a print service, such as HP,  and turn the print service on.

After setting up printing on your android, open the Pinterest App and click the share icon or the three dots on the page to find printing options. If a print option does not appear, check the app’s User Guide or Help section. Once you’ve located the print option, click the print icon. Next, select “Printer” and select an AirPrint-enabled printer.

How to Print Pins from Pinterest

Printing individual pins from Pinterest is slightly more straightforward. To print a pinned image, simply save or download the image to your device and follow general printing instructions used for content.

If you want to print pinned images in high resolution, you must open each image in a new tab in your web browser before downloading.

Afterward, you have the option to save the image in high resolution. Once downloaded, you can use a photo editing tool to adjust the resolution if the downloaded image is still not at your desired resolution quality.

Start Printing Your Boards and Pins!

As a leading visual search engine, Pinterest is the perfect platform for use in the ecommerce industry. Based on all of its customizable features and extensive user community, Pinterest helps businesses to gain exposure, drive traffic, and generate revenue. With a dedicated social media strategy on the platform, a company can easily see steady and sustained growth.

After creating a stunning Pinterest business account, you can print boards and pins to further conceptualize and design the visual display of your brand and product. After all, the best business tools go beyond just marketing help to actively inspire creators and entrepreneurs.

Whenever you want to print a hard copy of your Pinterest boards and pins, you can return to this guide to refresh your memory on how to print from Pinterest from different devices.


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