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How To Make and Sell DIY Cat Tree

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Cats are lovely pets. Whether your cat is shy, personable, or somewhere in between, cats make for wonderful domestic companions with delightfully unique personalities. But what’s one thing you can count on your pet cat to be? A climber! If your kitty loves to dangle from a branch, pretending to be a tiger, or likes to sit in an elevated position and watch things happen, cat trees are an excellent way to allow them to play and relax. Or else, you might be tired of your cat scratching up your favorite chair or couch. Then, you certainly will enjoy building a cat tree just for them.

A cat tree house will become a safe and secure place for your pets. Are you fascinated by the idea of having outdoor pets? You need your DIY cat tree. And this is why we are very much interested in introducing you to the “how to make your cat treehouse”.

We will also show you how to make money from the business — as you produce for others to buy. You will simply have to take the market online and enjoy the bunch of benefits offered by Ecwid’s ecommerce platform.

Making a cat tree for sale with your own hands is simple and low-cost. You can find many ready-made instructions with step-by-step photos online. It is also worthwhile to create an online store in advance and launch pages on social networks, find places to purchase materials and think about how to deliver the finished product to your customers.

You can look up some interesting cat tree plans on the internet to have an idea of how to make a DIY cat tree for your pets. You can then turn it into a money-making business too.

Read on to learn more.

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What Is a Cat Tree and Why Should You Get One?

A cat tree is a great alternative to a cat box and a way to keep your furniture scratch-free and away from the claws of your kitty.

These little cat trees can also contribute so much to the well-being of your pet. Rather than letting your pets wallow in the stress and boredom of always staying indoors, a cat tree is a place where they can sleep, play and feel safe while embracing a change of scenery.

Condos, scratching posts and cat trees are among the most expensive things you can buy for your cat. Even at that, they enrich the lives of the pets- giving them places to stay, perches from which they can view their territories, and claw areas.

Candidly, cats without cat trees are missing out and so is the owner. Besides, the trees and condos offer great fun for the owners, in turn saving your furniture from overuse/abuse by the pets.

Interestingly, with the barest carpentry skills, a pet owner can build their custom-made cat tree within their house, putting the cat in mind.

To DIY a Cat Tree or To Buy a Cat Tree

A DIY cat tree is cheaper. It can even be as cheap as half the price of purchasing one. More so, you can easily customize the tree to the needs of your cats- depending on their height and needs.

And finally, it is definitely a perk to be able to create one that suits your home decor.

Shoppers of cat trees know what they want. At least, a large number of them have their priorities. You must be able to match their needs for you to succeed in the business. And it’s okay because these things are not cast in stone. There are many ways to appeal to the buying sense of a customer. Now that you have considered a DIY cat tree a rewarding experience, you can select from the different free cat tree plans available online.

These include diagrams, photos, and steps to help you create a perfect cat tree house for yourself and for others to buy. There are many plans for a cat condo, house, stand, and traditional tree. Your diversifying ability will guarantee how much more money you can make and the extent of competitive advantage you can enjoy.

How To Make a DIY Cat Tree

Making a cat tree is pretty easy. You only need some posts, a solid base, and a few platforms. These can be made from a variety of different materials, according to what you have around or want to invest in. But no matter what you choose, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Your cat will feel more comfortable if they have access to some stair-like levels. You can choose to arrange them from the shortest to tallest for ease of climbing.
  •  It’s important to lace the posts together with carpeting or rope. Carpets can wear out very fast, and replacing them can be hard. The same thing applies to rope. But generally, cats seem to prefer the rope.

You might wonder what need there is to create your cat tree rather than buy one. We’ll consider both aspects in a minute. There is a wide range of cat trees available on the marketplace, and by doing a quick search on Amazon, you can get over 1,000 results. Hence an indication that it has a high demand. However, some of these structures are just somewhat ugly or too big. Yet, some have a modernized look and are like pieces of furniture, yet they are very costly.

Nonetheless, some great options are affordable, and this is why it is a superb idea to consider delving into the business, too. If you are like us, you should consider making things for your pets- and a cat tree isn’t an impossible thing to do.

Things You Need To Make a Simple Cat Tree

Some of the items and tools necessary to alter the design of your home are as follows. It depends on whether you want the cat tree to be bigger or smaller or shorter and wider.

  • 19 L-brackets
  • 3 square shelves
  • 3 4″ X 4″ posts
  • 1″ wood screws
  • Staples and a staple gun
  • Drill
  • Carpet and/or rope
  • Short wood screws
  • Bolts with nuts to connect the posts, platforms, and brackets

Cat tree with baskets

It’s okay to have a cat tree made with baskets. The idea is to have a tree with a basket on the side of the branch to allow your pet to have a place to sleep when it is tired of jumping and climbing.

Multiple perch post cat tree

This cat tree is a kind of kitty heaven that features many cloud-like perch posts, scratching posts and hammocks. The tree can accommodate many cats at once, keeping them occupied to avoid getting into fights. That way, even the cat owner can enjoy some peace.

Using tree branches

You can use real tree branches to make your cat tree. You can then place the structure in your living room for a little taste of the outdoors inside. Depending on your style of home decoration, the tree branches might suit your home perfectly. Also, as it is made with real tree branches, this might be a really wallet-friendly way to make a cat tree, as branches can often be found in your neighborhood or backyard. If you want to provide some form of entertainment for your cat (as well as for yourself as you build it), it is the perfect DIY creation.

You can easily make the cat tree with branches, covered plywood, rope, and faux greenery. You can design it with features your cat will love, like scratching spots and perches. Although you can make a cat tree from different materials, the key material used is wood. The branches you use should be thick and durable enough to withstand the claws of your pet, and strong enough to hold their weight.


As a DIY fan, we know you are thrilled to discover new projects available for you out there in cyberspace. That is especially true for cat lovers, as you can make a cat tree and sell it from the comfort of your home.

Your ability to create a cat tree for your pet will give them a convenient and secure place to scratch and play. This will save you money, and you can go ahead to make as many designs as possible. If you find success with it, you can even start to sell them online to other cat lovers out there across the globe. In other words, you can turn your love of DIY projects for pets into a real money-making business.

Thankfully, the host of options available with Ecwid’s ecommerce solution will make this possible and help you at every step of the way towards building a business.

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