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How to Make A Living Blogging?

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Do you want to start a blog but are clueless about where to start? How will you make your blog stand out in the digital space?

Learning how to start blogging the right way will help you seamlessly integrate into the modern digital era. Blogging is an amazing way to make passive income. There is also a very little financial risk to starting a blog because you only pay for the domain name and hosting. Another great way to earn a passive income is by selling new products online. This is called ecommerce. And you can even combine the two by running a blog that also operates as an ecommerce platform.

Running an ecommerce store has become much more feasible in the past few years. Ecommerce platforms offer many convenient, easy-to-implement and free resources to help you build your ecommerce business from scratch. Online interactions are now more secure and hassle-free with quality communication tools. This blog provides insights into practical ways to earn money and make a passive online income.

How to sell online
Tips from e-commerce experts for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Do I Have to Write a New Blog Consistently to Make Money via Blogging?

No, you don’t have to write new blog posts consistently to make money. It also means that you don’t have to rely on your old blog posts to make you a passive income. The algorithms of Google and other major search engines consider the uniqueness of content as one of their ranking factors.

Search engines use several benchmarks to rank websites in the search results. The highest-ranked content appears in the top results. The more recent a piece of content, the more likely it will appear higher in the search results. Afterward, you only need to keep updating the blog to make it appear in the search results.

Blogging to Sell Products Online

Blogging doesn’t just involve writing posts about a certain niche. Apart from talking about your passion and interests, you can use your blog as a marketing platform. Every once in a while, you can write out a post talking about a product you just launched. You can also write a “Top 10 Products” type of post in order to create awareness about your portfolio and to educate your readers. Some online stores have blogs that serve the sole function of promoting and advertising their products.

It has gained paramount importance for selling products and brand recognition. You can leverage your blog to market your products online. Thus, blogging is essential for ecommerce. It upgrades websites in terms of traffic and sales.

Blogging helps you strengthen your relationship with new and existing customers. It has a pivotal role in connecting your clients to your brand. It also expands your professional network and helps you strategize your next business move. Regularly updated blogs generate leads and boost sales.

Optimizing content for search engines is necessary to make it visible in the search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) tools such as the Google Keyword Planner Tool, Ahrefs, and SEMrush help optimize the content with keywords.

Benefits of an Ecommerce Store

There are several benefits to having an ecommerce store. You can easily manage your online ecommerce store from anywhere. Getting started with an online ecommerce store does not require you to be a coding expert, and you can start it in a few steps. The preliminary steps are picking a niche of your interest and designing your ecommerce website.

You can start to sell from your online store without needing to physically manage, pack, or purchase any products.

Security of transactions

With Ecwid, all your transactions are fully secure. Ecwid assures timely payments, secure checkout, and shipping. It is a platform trusted by both buyers and sellers.

Customizable themes and templates

Do you think you lack the design skills to set a compelling theme and design for your online store? You no longer need to worry about it because online ecommerce platforms provide you with a wide range of themes and templates to choose from. These themes and templates are also customizable. You can even edit them in several ways to complement your online brand.

Start your ecommerce website instantly

It will just take you 5 minutes to build an ecommerce site. You can build an ecommerce website conveniently using the Ecwid platform.

Ecwid — ecommerce platform for small businesses

Ecwid is an ecommerce platform, giving small businesses the power to sell to anyone in the world, from anywhere. You can manage several aspects of your online store with this platform, such as order management, centralized inventory, and pricing. It also integrates sales and marketing into one dashboard.

You can experiment with social media channels, like Pinterest and Snapchat, to send automated messages. You can also increase your email list, and strengthen customer loyalty. Ecwid also automates Google and Facebook ads for your store and implements them.

You only need to choose products and your audience. With the increasing use of visuals in marketing, you need to have a presence on Pinterest to be able to upload the images of your product catalog for your buyers.

Ecwid makes selling online easier for you in multiple ways. It helps you reach clientele via various online platforms on social media and the internet. With Ecwid, you can sell across marketplaces such as Amazon, social media, in-person, and on websites. The Ecwid account is free to make and has a lifelong membership. The automated ads generated on various social networks help boost sales of your products, generating a passive income.

Blogging in the Ecommerce Industry

Now that you know enough about ecommerce, all you need is an interesting blog to help clients know about your brand and your products. Blogging is a way to inform consumers about the benefits of your products, to know the response and reviews of your clients. This includes your clients’ take on the products, responding to them, thus fostering network and connections to boost future sales. Feedback and responses received from clients are pivotal in helping you formulate marketing strategies and campaigns. Not only is your blog a source of passive income itself, but it also increases sales by branding your product across social networks and search engines.

Choosing the Right Niche for Blogging

If you run an ecommerce store, then your products in the ecommerce store must be the niche of your blog. This means you must select a product or a blog topic that has enough demand and less competition at the same time. Various search engine optimization (SEO) tools help you select the trending topics for blogging and online sales.

Blogging is one of the most effective methods to make money online. You can also leverage your blog to sell your products digitally. Blogging is also a form of content marketing; it helps you boost sales by increasing the credibility and popularity of your business. You can highlight several aspects of your products via your blog. Your blog should not only inform and explain your products to the clients but it must also tell them how these products solve problems or add value to the customers’ lives.

Thus, a blog is a source of passive income and a way to boost product sales in online businesses. Sure, you will need to write unique blog posts and make sure you optimize them to appear in the organic search in the beginning. Eventually, you will only need to edit and update your blog as the online demands of your audience change.

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Max has been working in the ecommerce industry for the last six years helping brands to establish and level-up content marketing and SEO. Despite that, he has experience with entrepreneurship. He is a fiction writer in his free time.

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I’ve used Ecwid and I love the platform itself. Everything is so simplified it’s insane. I love how you have different options to choose shipping carriers, to be able to put in so many different variants. It’s a pretty open e-commerce gateway.
Easy to use, affordable (and a free option if starting off). Looks professional, many templates to select from. The App is my favorite feature as I can manage my store right from my phone. Highly recommended 👌👍
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For everything it has to offer, ECWID is incredibly easy to set up. Highly recommend! I did a lot of research and tried about 3 other competitors. Just try ECWID and you'll be online in no time.

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