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How to Live Stream Video in Your Online Storefront: A Two-Minute Guide

How to Live Stream Video in Your Online Storefront: A Two-Minute Guide

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We’ve already told you that video is a huge e-commerce marketing trend for 2018. Live videos are on top of it: their average watch time is 4x more than a regular video.

If you sell online with Ecwid e-commerce, you can create rich product and category descriptions in your online store. Use images, attach files, videos and… even live stream videos! I’m going to show you how to do it in a few clicks.

First, let’s set the mood: everything mentioned in this post is available for free for every Ecwid merchant, regardless of their pricing plan.

Stream videos in your online store

Me going live on my Ecwid store home page

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How to Add a Live Video to Your Online Store

I’ll show you how to add a Facebook live video to your online store, but you can do the same with a YouTube live video or any other embeddable stream.

    1. Start a live video on your Facebook business page.FB live video
    2. Copy the video embed code.

Stream video on your website 4

    1. Paste the code into the category or product description of your Ecwid store and save the changes. Your piece of code will immediately turn into a video preview:

Stream video on your website

Note: In my example, I’m streaming on the store homepage to engage a maximum number of visitors. You can add your streams to specific product pages or category descriptions.

Say, you’ve arranged a test drive for one of your products and want to stream that epic event on the product page. Open your product description editor in Control Panel → Products → Your Product (or category description editor in Control Panel → Categories → Your Category) and paste the embed code there. Don’t forget to click Save!

How to Use Streaming Video in Marketing

See, streaming videos in your online store takes just a couple of clicks. I hope you are excited now and thinking: “What exactly can I stream in my store?” Well, I’ve got some ideas.

Promote a sale

Live video can turn your regular sale into a fun party. Tell your store visitors about your deals and cheer them up to buy more. You can even thank those who purchased from you in real time: just open your Ecwid Control Panel in the next browser window to see the sales coming.

Add a countdown timer in the frame (for example, on a TV screen behind you) to create additional FOMO.

Video from manufacturing

Going behind the scenes has always been a great tactic for gaining customer trust. Show your audience how your products are being made in real time.

This is especially cool for restaurants or other businesses with a speedy stream of orders. If you offer delivery or order pickup, your customers will be curious to track the progress.

Dod pizza stream

Dodo pizza streams their kitchen, leaving no chance to doubt their high standards

Drop a contest

How about a quick little real-time lottery right in your storefront? Or selecting a winner of your giveaway? There are so many streaming-friendly contest ideas.

For example, Stephanie Corn, founder of PearlParty.co, hosts virtual parties on Facebook. The participants order pearls from her Ecwid store during the event. Then comes the fun part: Stephanie opens the oysters to take out the pearls you’ve just ordered! Taking part in a pearl party also means you have a chance to win some additional prizes.

Training how to use your product

Did you know that no one reads product manuals? If you sell some sophisticated electronics, or an all-new and unique product, your customers will be glad to learn how to use it properly. A session with a live person is way more interesting than reading all those boring written instructions.

Training is suitable for more products: cosmetics, sports goods, food, hobby items, etc.

As a bonus, invite a guest expert to your show: this way, you are likely to grow your customer base by attracting his or her audience.

Engage your online audience in your offline event

Taking part in a street market, a craft fair, or an art show? It doesn’t mean you have to disappear off the radars of your online customers.

Set a spare smartphone on a tripod next to your booth and stream the fun you’re having there. Don’t forget that you’ll need your own mobile phone to manage your sales in Ecwid Mobile.


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