How to Create a Professional-Looking Promotional Video With Your Smartphone
Posted May 15, 2017 by Stephen Mills, Mills Motion

How to Create a Professional-Looking Promotional Video With Your Smartphone

Video can profoundly increase sales conversion rates from your product page as well as increase organic traffic to your website from search engines.

However, in the past video has typically fallen into the “too hard” or “too expensive” basket for many small businesses and online store owners.

Fortunately, today you actually have everything you need to create stunning product promotional videos laying around your house and inside your pocket!

Here are 6 tips for filming an effective product promotional video with just your smartphone.

Tip 1: Stabilize your shot

Get the shake out of your shot so that your customers can see your product clearly without getting motion sick.

You can do this using a smartphone tripod attachment. They are a few bucks on eBay or Amazon.

smartphone tripod attachment

If you don’t already have a tripod, they’re a worthy investment. And you can actually buy them quite cheaply. There’s a surprising number of ways you can use a tripod (see tip #4!)

Tip 2: Find a setting that looks good and complements your product

Finding the right place to film your product promotional video is a quick, free and easy way to increase the professionalism of your video.

You can also use it to subconsciously tell a story about your product… In the video above, I wanted to show my viewers that my product was a rugged, and robust power tool.

I used some bits of wood I had laying around to make a setting that looked worn and rugged.

So play around! Have some fun and think about what you have laying around to create a suitable setting. Not too sure? Just test it! Do some test shots and watch them back, this makes it clear whether your product setting looks good on camera.

a setting

before and after using a setting

Tip 3: Add Light!

What we need now is light. Smartphone cameras are usually terrible in low light conditions. If you don’t have enough light your shot will start to look grainy and you won’t be able to see your product clearly.
Filming near a window with sunlight or outside can often do the trick. However, I didn’t have any windows nearby.

So I used two big light boxes, you could also use painters lights with baking paper clipped over the top to defuse the light…

good and bad light

Tip 4: Add movement

Adding smooth movement to your shot can help your customers to better see and fully appreciate your product. It looks awesome and is really easy to do.

Here are my three tips for adding smooth movement.

In order to get the spinning shots, I used a lazy susan.

Put the product on, give it a steady spin and you already have a great looking shot.

a lazy susan

Collapse one of the legs of your tripod. Use this two-legged set-up to create in and out movements.

Simply hold the tripod as steady as you can and rock it backward and forward.

And finally, there is a thing called a camera slider or a micro dolly that you can use to go side to side, up, down and around.

Or you could go through your toddler’s toy box and find something with wheels!

Tip 5: Show your product in action

Don’t forget to show your product in action. This shot is priceless for making your customer feel confident that your product is what they are looking for and will do exactly what they hope or expect it to do.

Tip 6: Take lots of footage and only use the best bits

Not every shot you take will look good… In fact, most of your footage will look terrible. But that’s OK! Because we can cut out all the bad bits and only keep the shots that look amazing!

Cutting out the shaky bits and the boring bits will make your video far more engaging and look much more professional.

Finally, you’ll need to add your promotional video to your Ecwid product page.

To do this:

  1. First, upload your video to youtube.
  2. Copy your video URL or embed code from youtube
  3. In your Ecwid product description editor click on the “add video” button
  4. Paste your video URL or embed code into the pop-up box and click “Insert”

And there we have it!

A professional looking product video made with just your smartphone.

Here is an example of a product promotional video that I made using just my smartphone and the tips that I have shared in this video.

About the author
Stephen is a marketer and videographer who brings old school sales tactics and video marketing together to make powerful promotional videos and product descriptions.
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