How To Sell on Direct Messages in Instagram
Posted Apr 1, 2020 by Lina Vashurina, Ecwid Team

How Do I Sell Online With Instagram Direct Messages?

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time using the Instagram app for your business, you might have used private messages (or DM) with Instagram Direct. This feature gives you direct access to shoppers and a great opportunity to build trust and rapport with your customers.

This feature is a free tool you can use in your promotional strategy for your business. In a sense, you become a salesperson while providing insight and expertise about your products.

Let’s go through a couple of questions and find out how to use Instagram DM for your business.

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What Does DM Mean on Instagram?

It’s important to understand the capabilities of the Instagram app and the DM feature. You might have seen or heard “DM” and this term simply refers to direct messages. It allows you to privately send messages, videos, pictures, profiles, locations, GIFs — just about anything!

While these messages are private, you can have up to 32 users in one message. But we don’t recommend that, and we’ll cover the correct Instagram DM etiquette here as well.

This feature is great for businesses just starting — allowing you to have direct access to your customers. Before you start sending mass DM messages, pitching your product or service, think about building a relationship with your customer first. This could look like: engaging with them in the comments or reposting their content. And you don’t have to be following a user to send a DM. You should know the message will automatically have to be approved for the user to reply.

Now that you’ve established contact, let’s discuss the next steps.

How Do You Sell on Instagram DM?

As previously mentioned, before you send a sales pitch to your followers. It’s important to populate your feed with products, images, videos and anything else to highlight your business. Now that you’ve built a strong relationship, curated your feed, it’s time to start selling.

If you don’t have a website, you can post pictures with your products in your Instagram feed and ask followers to reach out to you via Direct Messages to close the sale. Your feed essentially serves as a product catalog. And you can accept payments in cash (not recommended during the pandemic) or by providing your PayPal email address. After getting paid, you will need to update each customer manually on the order status.

Selling on Instagram DM without a website means a lot of manual work, however, it still can be a great first step for some entrepreneurs. For example, if Instagram selling is your side hustle and you only sell a few items per month, then arranging each deal individually may work for you.

Tip: Make sure you use a Business profile as it has tools for better management of your Direct Messages.

How Do You DM a Business on Instagram?

As a merchant, it’s helpful to understand how your customers can contact you with Instagram DM. Often, customers turn to social media for product questions or order updates. And exactly why you’ll want to learn how a customer can DM your business.

Here is how to DM brands on Instagram:

  1. Go to the profile page of the account or brand and tap message.
  2. Go to the IG profile page of the account or brand and tap message

  3. This will open the direct message, where you can send different types of messages including: videos, images, screenshots, gifs and more.
  4. This will open the direct message, where you can send different types of messages

  5. By tapping the message box, you can begin your message. And once you’re finished, press send. It’s that simple!
  6. By tapping the message box, you can begin your message

Use Instagram DM as a quick and easy way for your customers to contact you directly. And level up your customer service by making yourself readily available on this platform.

Can I DM on Instagram From My Computer?

Until recently, users could not access their direct messages on a desktop or computer. Now — you can! This is extremely helpful if you’re managing an online business and overwhelmed with your inbox. If you’re putting together your Instagram DM strategy, consider using your desktop instead of a mobile device. By switching to a desktop, it mimics an email inbox. Take a look at an example below!

Can I DM on Instagram From My Computer

Check out how to set up an Instagram DM workflow to help keep you on track and organized.

Can You Mass DM on Instagram?

Be aware of Instagram DM etiquette and how many messages you send. While there is no hard stop on the exact number, you should know that your account may be temporarily disabled. And in the absolute worse case, banned. So, tread lightly.

If done appropriately, for example, sending a handful of direct messages a day. This would be a way to mass message. If you have a special promotion running in your store, this could be a positive way to use

Looking to work with Influencers? Check out how to mass DM influencers and ways you can work with micro-influencers.

What’s Next?

If you haven’t already, create an Instagram account with a business profile. And while you’re at, make sure you have an Ecwid E-commerce store to enable shoppable Instagram posts. You’ll be onto your first sale in no time.

Instagram Shopping

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