Labor Day
Posted Aug 30, 2016 by Kristen Pinkman, Ecwid Team

Getting Ready For Labor Day: Ideas For Online Businesses

Labor Day is a holiday that was created in observance of labor within the United States on August 26, 1878 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Each year since then, it’s celebrated on the first Monday in September — but today, it’s more of a signal that summer has come to an end — and that the fall season is here to stay.

And for retailers both online and offline, it’s an opportunity to drive sales and usher in a new season of merchandise. This year, you can get involved, too.

Need some ideas on how you can plan for Labor Day this year? Not to worry. We’ve got plenty of for you right here.

Give a portion of sales in honor of the holiday

Labor Day is known as a time when people take a break from working and kick back, relax, and celebrate a day off. For many, it’s a day to give back, too.

You can get your online store involved in this Labor Day tradition as well. Find a cause to donate to, and give a portion of sales made over the Labor Day weekend to the organization to them in the spirit of giving back.

Let your customers know you’ll be making a donation for every purchase made so they know their purchase is for a good cause. Include a note on your website, on the checkout screen, and within the thank you message to remind them of their good deed.

Not sure which cause to give to? One tradition that started on Labor Day in 1955 is giving to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Every year since then, celebrities have come together to raise money via a telethon for the organization, and millions of dollars have been raised for the organization to help fund research for Muscular Dystrophy.

Celebrate the shift in seasons

Since Labor Day often marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall, this is a great opportunity to clear out some of the previous season’s merchandise with a promotion or sale.

Some retailers offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal to entice volume purchases, while others speed up sales by creating “mystery bags” where shoppers get a variety of items for a discounted price with an aspect of surprise. Both options help move product.

Plus, with the help of social media and email marketing promotion, you can help spread the word about your Labor Day sale and reach as many customers as possible.

Pre-sell or tease your fall products

Labor Day often welcomes the very beginning of the fall season, so this is the perfect time to get your customer base excited about your product lineup for the coming months. You could even pre-sell or tease some of your up-and-coming products to build anticipation around what’s soon to be in stock.

Leverage your marketing tools to get your customers excited about what you have coming soon for the fall season and keep them in the loop about what you’ll be adding to your online store post-Labor Day.

PRO TIP: If you have a list of VIP customers who have spent a certain amount with you, giving them early access to your fall line would be an excellent way to reward them for their loyalty.

Partner up for a local event or sidewalk sale

Maybe you’re looking to branch out of the eCommerce environment for Labor Day and you’d like to partner with a brick and mortar store for a sidewalk sale they’re having. Or maybe you’d like to participate in a local event (like a street sale, community vendor showcase, etc.)

Setting up at an in-person event creates an opportunity for you to put a name and face to your brand, and is an easy way for you to knock out a high volume of sales over the course of just a few days.

If you’re going to sell at an in-person event, plan ahead.

  1. Learn about the audience who’ll be attending the event.
  2. Estimate your expenses.
  3. Prepare your setup.
  4. Pack the necessities, including plenty of inventory and decor.
  5. Bring help if you need it.

Finding Labor Day events near you is typically as easy as asking around. Check in with local vendors that match up with the products you sell or call your local Chamber of Commerce to see what you’ll need to do to get registered to sell.

Support a local Labor Day charity event

Last, but not least, is a bit of a more low-key option for Labor Day involvement. Many times, local organizations or clubs put together Labor Day charity events — like races, or community concerts, or other sporting events — to raise funds for a charity in the spirit of Labor Day.

But to put on these events, the organizers of these events need sponsors. In return for funds, sponsors get advertisements on marketing materials for the events (print and clothing, like t-shirts for the event, most times) which is good exposure for the businesses involved. Not only is it a nice way to give back to the local community, but it shows that you’re interested in making an investment in the people and causes around you.

Supporting a Labor Day charity event isn’t a money-maker for your business, but it is a way to build awareness around your brand, to create some positive feelings with the local community, and really —to just do something nice. And sometimes, that feels good.

Labor Day events: online stores are not excluded

As you can see, there are many, many ways online store owners can get involved with Labor Day events — it’s not just for brick and mortar store owners.

The owner of Maxgoodz Ecwid store in his pop-up shop

The owner of Maxgoodz Ecwid store in his pop-up shop

Labor Day is about honoring labor, giving back, about welcoming a new season — and with some swift planning, you can get on board with an event for this year, too. Think about what makes the most sense for your business, and then create a plan for your brand that helps you make the most of Labor Day this year.

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