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Get More Eyes on Your Store with Product Ribbons

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Are you ready to sleigh the competition this holiday season? We’ve got something up our sleeves to help you on your way to a record-breaking number of orders.

Drum roll, please…

 — meet a new Ecwid tool, product ribbons!

Product ribbons allow you to highlight featured products on your storefront, whether it’s a bestseller, sale item, new product, or any other item that deserves a spotlight. Read on to find out how to get more eyes on your storefront with product ribbons!

A New Way to Highlight Your Items

This year, holiday e-commerce sales are expected to surge by 25% to 35%. Many people still aren’t comfortable shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, so instead, they’re taking their spending online.

That means more potential store visitors for you. But at the same time, more competition. That’s why getting more attention to your products should be at the top of your holiday promotions list. Product ribbons are a perfect tool for that:

Not sure what we’re talking about? It’s simple, really: a product ribbon is a colored label with text displayed over it. This little label goes on product pictures on your storefront and also on product pages:

Here’s what makes Ecwid’s product ribbons so effective:

  • You can set any text for your ribbon. For example, “Bestseller”, “New”, “50% Off”, “Gift idea” or “Free Shipping”. Let your imagination run wild (within the 30 character limit, of course.)
  • You can choose any color for your ribbons. Choose from several pre-set options, or set up your own color to match your store’s aesthetic.
  • You can add ribbons in different languages. If you use additional storefront languages, you’ll see the translation field(s) when setting up your ribbons.
  • Product ribbons are searchable. This means that customers will be able to find all products with the same ribbon on the search page of your store.
  • Product ribbons are simple to set up and customize. You can add them right from your Control Panel in a couple of clicks. No third-party apps needed.

Now let’s take a closer look at how you can mark items in your store with product ribbons to help customers find what they need faster, and kick those sales into high gear.

How to Use Product Ribbons to Get More Sales

Product ribbons serve one main purpose — to draw a customer’s attention to products they might want to buy. Below are some cases where that can be especially handy.

Highlight products on sale

Be it a holiday season sale, a flash sale, or any other deal you’re offering at the moment, get your customers to notice your best discounted products.

Mark bestsellers or items with 5-star reviews

When shopping online, consumers rely heavily on reviews. Add some social proof of the merits of your items with a ribbon to highlight products that are popular with your customers.

Introduce new items in your store

Don’t forget about new items! Mark new product launches with ribbons, so that shoppers won’t miss the latest and greatest launch to hit your store.

Offer to pre-order products

Replace a sad “Sold out” label with an actionable “Pre-order” one. Double win: you get orders, and your customers won’t have to repeatedly check if the product is back in stock again. Here’s how to collect pre-orders in your Ecwid store.

You can also use ribbons to inform your customers when your supply will be refilled.

Clear old stock

Some products might be less popular than others. For example, old collections or seasonal items. Make room for new products in your store with some clearance deals. And you guessed it, highlight it with a ribbon.

Promote services available for your products

There are so many things you can offer your customers along the way to a sale. Free shipping, discounted delivery, in-store/curbside pickup, gift wrapping, eco-friendly packaging — the list goes on and on. Use ribbons to let your visitors know about all the great deals and customization options your store offers.

Although there are lots of ways product ribbons can be helpful, we advise not to overuse them. You want to avoid a cluttered look to your store. Ribbons work much better when it feels like they are marking something special, as opposed to every item having one.

How to Set up Product Ribbons

Product ribbons are available on all premium pricing plans.

Before you start adding product ribbons, go to the What’s New page and make sure the Next-gen storefront is enabled in your store. (Good news: if you’ve set up your Ecwid store after spring 2018, Next-gen storefront is already enabled for you!).

To add a ribbon to your product:

  1. Go to Catalog → Products.
  2. Choose a product you want to add a ribbon to.
  3. Scroll down to the “Add or edit ribbon field” and click on it.
  4. Fill out the “Ribbon text” field and choose the ribbon color:
  5. Click Save.

That’s it! Your product is ready to roll, ribbon in tow.

Note: If “Compare to” prices are enabled in your store, product ribbons will replace “On sale” tags. But when you remove ribbons, the “On sale” tags will be displayed again. The same goes for the “Sold out” labels on products you marked as out of stock.

Read more about adding, deleting, and customizing product ribbons in our Help Center.

Get More Attention to Your Items with Product Ribbons

This holiday season, your store is likely to get more store visitors than ever, so make sure you have a plan to highlight your best deals. Brand new product ribbons are our suggestion for a useful, eye-catching, and sales friendly upgrade. After all, your products deserve the attention!

Have some extra creative ideas for ribbons on your mind? If you want to create labels with customized shape, size and position, or put several labels on one product, you can use our Product Labels App. This will allow you to design additional label variations for your store.

Now, it’s over to you: how are you going to use product ribbons in your store?

Do you want to learn more about how Ecwid marketing features?

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