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Ecwid Stores Examples that Sell Apparel

13 Fashion Store Examples Built With Ecwid Ecommerce

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Fashion is one of the most competitive industries in ecommerce. According to Statista data, the fashion sector’s revenue is projected to reach $759,466 million in 2021. To catch up with the market velocity, merchants need to market fast and start selling as soon as possible.

Ecwid E-commerce is a fast-to-market solution that can get a fashion business into the selling game in minutes. With Ecwid, you have the freedom to choose how you want to sell: on your website, Instagram, Facebook, or by getting your products onto Google Shopping.

With Ecwid, it’s easy to get inspired by our magical design functionality, ease of navigation, and, of course, the exceptional products of successful Ecwid merchants that sell fashion goods around the world. To spark your imagination, we’ve compiled a list of some innovative and fashion-forward brands, all powered by Ecwid. We can’t wait to share their stories with you.

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MEYIA is an ambitious fashion brand based in Greece, focused primarily on swimwear and activewear. Their design-driven collection is created with the goal of making you feel the vigor, vitality, and vibrancy of traveling to the sun-drenched beaches of Mykonos or Santorini.

Julia Rose Boston

Julia Rose Boston is a luxury handbag and accessory reseller who quickly embraced the benefits of ecommerce, and made it their primary sales channel. JRB’s Instagram store have significantly impacted their sales, so feel free to get inspired by their social presence as well.

A Little Lacey

A Little Lacey is an ecommerce-run, family-owned business based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Here you’ll find beautiful special occasion dresses for the young ladies of all ages. A Little Lacy’s clothing is both designed and produced in Australia.


Owned by fashion enthusiast Frode Goa, Kant (or “edge” in English) is a small local clothing brand in Norway. But regardless of its size, Kant offers the very best in customer service. If Kant’s business hours don’t work for you, you can call the owner and ask the store to open whenever you need your fashion fix. Does any other business you know do this?

Simple Swell

Florida-based business with a simple mission to make the world a better place to live. They sell apparel made from recycled material from plastic bottles and fishing nets pulled from our oceans. They also donate a portion of their profits to Surfrider Foundation. Talk about style and substance!

H.O.M (Hit or Miss Clothing)

Directly from the U.K., we’re coming at you with a tattoo-inspired alternative unisex clothing store! This fashion brand collaborates with well-known tattoo artists to make uniquely stylish clothing that people want to wear. If you’re looking for a product to sell, or an opportunity to expand your inventory, these guys also offer wholesale selling partnerships.


Hermanitos (or “little brother and sister” in English) is an online store of exclusively hand-picked clothes for small children. It’s run by a couple from Switzerland who select the products with their own two children in mind for a touch of the personal.


Older is a Danish/Italian design company specializing in sustainable uniforms and forward-thinking design, founded in Paris in 2013 by Letizia Caramia & Morten Thuesen. All their pieces are designed through a fusion of innovation and functionality, and with a responsible and sustainable production and supply chain. All products are made in Europe.


Pronounced “hal-see-un,” the word means to feel or be idyllically calm and peaceful — happy tranquility. Halcyon fitwear believes the clothing you wear should make you feel and look your best, no matter if you’re breaking a sweat or just shopping for groceries.

Halcyon Ecwid Store


The Tall Spot

If you never thought that tall girls would have a unique place to shop with clothes designed just for them, we’re happy to report that they do! This apparel boutique from Brampton, Canada, focuses on tall women who want to express themselves through fashion, but find it a challenge to find clothes that fit their frame just right.

The Tall Spot Ecwid Store

The Tall Spot

Hijabis Essentials

Lynn & Jun, two sisters from Singapore, started their small business in 2018 by gathering a mixture of essential pins & brooches in one lovely container. The quality is one of the sisters’ main concerns, as they are avid brooch wearers themselves.

Anna & Søs

Founded in 1999 in Denmark, Anna & Søs has always put having a large selection and superb customer service first. Anna & Søs is famous for its fast delivery and customer-first approach to fashion.

Les Tricots d’O

A Belgium brand of hand-made wool cardigans. Mohair, alpaca, silk — their products are made of natural materials. If you’re looking for a way to warm up on a cold winter’s eve — these cardigans might be the chicest way.

In their question to elevate the conversation on worldwide fashion, Ecwid merchants truly know no boundaries. Join our club of successful ecommerce businesses and start selling online today.

Or, if you prefer doing business on the go, Ecwid also has a store management app for iOS and Android, that allows you to create a store and sell online with only a mobile phone. In the meantime, we hope you’ll check out some of these cool Ecwid stores, and use them to think about your own approach to selling online.


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