Posted Nov 7, 2019 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Explore Ecwid’s Revamped Australia Post Integration

G’day mates! Great news for the southern hemisphere: we’ve revamped Ecwid’s integration with Australia Post, the southern continent’s most popular shipping provider, making it easy to ship just about anything to just about anywhere, from a single sheet of paper to a refrigerator box of avocados.

For Ecwid merchants, that means:

  • More accurate shipping rates
  • 14 supported shipping methods
  • Additional shipping options, like signature delivery and extra insurance.

Read on to learn how to start using these cool updates in your Ecwid store!

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More Accurate Shipping Rates in the New Integration

Finding the right approach to covering shipping expenses can be tricky, especially if you ship worldwide. Unless you decided to include shipping costs in the product price (also known as “free shipping”), you’ll want to charge your customers these expenses at the checkout to stay profitable. Your options are flat fee for every order, custom rates, or, as a more accurate alternative, automatically calculated shipping rates.

Australian post automated rates

Rates are calculated automatically at the checkout

If you sell online with Ecwid, you can set your online store to receive rates directly from your shipping provider and display accurate shipping costs at checkout so that your customers are charged appropriately. Automated shipping rates are calculated based on product dimensions and distance of shipping.

Thanks to Ecwid’s integration with the latest Australia Post API, you get the most accurate shipping rates for your Ecwid store, so you don’t have to worry about gaps between what you’re spending on shipping and what you’re collecting from customers.

Learn how to set up automated shipping rates in our Help Center: Real-time rates from carriers

2X More Automatically Calculated Shipping Methods

Australia Post offers over a dozen shipping methods that vary based on delivery speed, parcel type, and price. Simply connect the shipping method/s you use in your store to accurately charge your customers according to the tariffs for their region.

And with our latest update, we’ve doubled the number of shipping methods available for automated rate calculation in Ecwid:

  • Standard Parcel Delivery (Parcel Post)
  • Next-Day Parcel Delivery (Express Post)
  • Same-Day Parcel Delivery (Courier Post)
  • Regular Letter
  • Priority Letter
  • International Economy Parcel (by air or by sea)
  • Express Post Letter
  • International Standard Parcel
  • International Express Parcel
  • International Courier Parcel
  • International Economy Letter
  • International Express Letter
  • International Courier Letter
  • International Registered Post Letter

Just enable the methods you’ll use to ship your products, and accurate charges will be automatically reflected for your customers at checkout.

Remember, everyone loves fast shipping. Occasionally, your customers will even be willing to pay more for shipping if it means getting a package a few days sooner. So be sure to include services like Same-Day Delivery or International Express Parcel to make sure your customers can get their packages when they need them.

Read more about Australia Post shipping methods and their rates on the company’s website.

New Shipping Options Added

Let your customers take advantage of additional shipping services from Australia Post, like:

  • Signature on Delivery. Want to secure your business from fraudulent chargebacks (when a customer pretends he\she didn’t receive their order to request a refund)? Track your parcel and confirm exactly when your product gets delivered with Signature on Delivery.
  • Extra Cover. For a little extra peace of mind when shipping your products, add Extra Cover, a shipping insurance service for expensive or fragile orders. This new service provides loss or damage coverage up to the specified value of your item (up to $5,000) while being carried by Australia Post.

If you choose to take advantage of these services, you can pass the charges onto your customers to cover your expenses. Simply tick the necessary option on the Australia Post setup page in your Control Panel → Shipping & Pickup to enable it in your store.

Australia post in Ecwid

How to Connect the Revamped Australia Post Integration

What you’ll need to do to connect your new Australia Post integration will depend on whether or not you’re already using Australia Post in your Ecwid store:

  • If you haven’t connected Australia Post before, go to Shipping & Pickup in your Control Panel, select Australia Post from the list of shipping carriers, and follow the steps for set-up.
  • If you’ve already connected the old Australia Post integration, simply delete Australia Post from the Shipping & Pickup tab of your Control Panel and add it again. Once re-added, the latest Australia Post integration will be connected by default, including all of the new features mentioned above.

More Shipping Options

E-commerce shipping doesn’t end at connecting one of your local carriers. Customers love choice, especially if you serve different shipping zones.

Going the extra mile with your shipping terms pays off, so enable in-store pickup for local customers, or choose a profitable free shipping strategy for the upcoming holiday season. Whatever your shipping terms, Ecwid’s got you covered.

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Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.
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