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The Best and Must Have Email Marketing Templates

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Anytime a company or brand seeks to increase awareness about its services, targeted email marketing campaigns are an excellent way to start. Despite some conversations floating around the internet, email marketing is NOT dead.

We’ll put it this way: for every email address that exists, there is also a highly effective channel for companies to communicate their services to potential customers. In fact, as modern times require most individuals to have an email address, one could argue that email marketing is more alive than ever.

With an effective campaign, a company can build relationships with the individuals who are most likely to utilize their products or services through a series of emails. By reaching out directly to potential customers, the chances of substantial growth in terms of website traffic and sales increase exponentially.

However, before you begin planning your campaign, you must familiarize yourself with the tactics for creating engaging and successful marketing emails, specifically, email marketing templates.

The primary reason that a company uses templates when building campaigns is to structure content better and deliver its message more effectively. In other words: the way in which you present your brand’s message contributes to the response you will receive from recipients. Therefore, the email marketing designs you implement matter, as they will either captivate potential customers or land your email in the junk folder.

Before we dive into the most successful email marketing templates to use when formulating your next campaign, let’s further discuss the merits of email marketing in general. With our advice, you can guarantee more clicks to your website, and, in turn, increased sales.

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Understand the Benefits of Email Marketing

The ability to easily and personally reach out to people directly is perhaps the greatest benefit of email marketing. As humans, we desire personal, genuine interactions in order to feel seen and heard in all aspects of life. In email marketing, these characteristics are vital for establishing connections that inspire people to take action.

Additionally, email marketing allows companies to better connect with current and potential customers in real-time and, more importantly, at the right time. As the market booms, customers are constantly coming and going. For this reason, it becomes crucial to ensure that you get your message in front of the people who need it at that moment. Unlike other marketing strategies, which often take months of planning before implementation, email campaigns can be conceived in weeks or even days. This minimal time frame can mean all the difference between a customer subscribing to your services or those of a competitor who got to them first.

Furthermore, incorporating email marketing into your campaign can provide you with relevant information pertaining to the individual experiences of your customers. Start by gaining deeper insight into what consumers want through feedback and surveys. Then, utilizing this data, you can better tailor your content and thus significantly improve customer experience.

While these are the most notable benefits of email marketing, you will find countless more as you create and implement your own campaigns. Above all, if done so correctly, email marketing will indeed generate more sales for your company or brand. Therefore, it’s imperative to use content-focused templates that best showcase your company’s unique message.

Choose Templates that Help Convey Your Unique Message

There are dozens of email marketing examples and templates that can aid in your campaign. However, we will focus on the seven that we believe provide companies with the best chance to successfully convey their unique messages to potential customers. Whether you’re seeking to inform consumers about your services, tell inspirational stories that provoke action, persuade skeptics to try something new, or an array of other purposes, these templates are guaranteed to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Digital newsletter emails

This type of email marketing template is excellent for companies that publish frequent blog posts for the purpose of making customers aware of their services. By sending out digital newsletter emails, you’re able to provide a rundown of your most popular blogs to potential customers.

newsletter email template

Zapier newsletter email example. Image source.

Essentially, newsletter emails are very simple to construct. Start by listing headlines and summaries of the blogs and articles that best showcase your brand, paired with visually appealing images that further drive the message. Finally, be sure to include a CTA at the end of the email to inspire recipients to read more on your website.

New content announcement emails

New content announcement emails are the way to go when you want current and new audiences to learn about your upcoming content, sales, free trials, etc. The key with this type of email marketing template is to be as brief and concise as possible when presenting the new content.

To craft these emails, focus entirely on the specific content you’re offering. Use clear, action-driven language when describing the content and follow up with an engaging CTA at the end. Typically, depending on the content being promoted, these emails only contain a few sentences.

Content updates

While one-time buyers are more likely to be annoyed by content and product update emails, loyal customers will appreciate being kept in the loop.

When creating this type of email, you don’t want to send an individual message for each new product. Instead, include multiple products in one email with engaging headlines and photos attached. Also, rather than providing long descriptions, include links to the product pages so that interested customers can learn more without feeling overwhelmed by wordy emails. If done so correctly, these emails will increase website traffic and sales.

Invitation to events

If your company is hosting an important event during which products, services, and other relevant content will be displayed, invitation emails are perfect for attracting guests and potential customers.

event invitation email template

Generally, for this template, you should limit the amount of copy and increase the presence of visuals. Remember, your purpose is to make the event as attractive as possible. Include a CTA at the end to purchase tickets, and you’re all set.

Lead driven emails

Lead-driven emails are perhaps the most effective at seizing and reeling in customers. In summary, this template deals heavily with identifying leads and following through with a series of targeted content. Based on the initial lead, for example, a customer accepting an offer for a free trial of your services, you will send several similar emails to further attract the customer.

After identifying the lead, you’ll want to send an email addressing the customer by name with the statement, “Our records show you recently signed up for our free trial.” Following this introduction, you can then provide similar products and services that the customer may be interested in as well. After the initial offer, keep the following emails as brief as possible so as to not deter potentially repeat customers.

Transactional emails

While this type of email template is used after a sale has already been made, transactional emails are excellent for inspiring customers to make additional purchases. Of course, you will need specialized software already in place to automatically send emails after receiving a purchase order, but we’ll still break down the necessary formatting.

If you’ve ever made an online purchase or subscription, you’re already familiar with the layout of transactional emails. The email starts with an expression of gratitude followed by a summary of the purchase, including product details, shipping information, etc. This is all very standard, but your opportunity to inspire additional sales comes at the end. Before concluding the email, include a list of several similar or accompanying products that this particular customer may be interested in, with links to each product paired with a dynamic CTA. With this template in place, one individual sale could potentially translate into many more.

Social media focused

Nowadays, one can do anything on social media, and for companies and brands, this includes reaching out directly to customers and initiating sales. Frequently used social media apps for email marketing include Google+ and LinkedIn. While this type of email marketing requires already having followers and subscribers in place, it’s perfect for reaching your entire audience all at once.

Essentially, when you publish announcements to social media apps such as LinkedIn, your message goes directly to the inboxes of the users that follow you. Therefore, you can create individual relationships with people interested in your business in a way that seems genuine and unique.

Fortunately, the template for social media-focused emails is quite simple. As you will not have the ability to customize the email’s layout, you’ll have to focus entirely on the quality of the copy. Generally, keep the copy concise, engaging, and courteous. List the content, products, or services you want to showcase and follow through with a CTA that leads to your company’s website.

Start Developing Your Email Marketing Campaign Today!

When planning an email marketing campaign, the process of crafting emails that not only get across your message but are also dynamic and engaging can seem incredibly daunting. Therefore, we hope these email marketing templates and examples help you feel more confident in your endeavors.

You’ve already accomplished the most challenging part in creating your product and bringing it to market; now it’s time to get it in front of potential buyers and sell, sell, sell! Do your own research, and with our advice, you’re guaranteed to achieve success.

Good luck!


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