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The Best Dropshipping Suppliers with Examples by Niche

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Dropshipping has made it possible for many online stores to expand their inventory at little to no cost or risk. While dropshipping has been possible for a while, it has become much more widely used in recent years.

Dropshipping makes it possible for online stores and small businesses to reach more customers with a larger inventory. For a dropshipping supplier, these partnerships are a great way to sell more of their inventory and increase revenue. It’s a win-win for both sides and has opened many new possibilities for ecommerce businesses.

If you’re thinking about dropshipping for your business, you may be wondering how to find suppliers for dropshipping. This can be challenging because there are so many dropshippers out there. How do you determine who are the best dropship suppliers, and which dropshipping providers are right for you?

To help get you started, here’s a breakdown of some of the best dropshipping suppliers for certain businesses.

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The List of the Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Best free dropshipping suppliers

AliExpress is one of the most trusted dropshipping suppliers, and their services are also free to use. AliExpress has an extremely broad inventory, selling items ranging from toys to cosmetics to electronics, and even automotive supplies.

Sellers can buy items wholesale from AliExpress, which has a strong reputation for timely and quality order fulfillment. One slight downside of using AliExpress is that many of its merchants are based in China, which can lead to longer and more expensive shipping.

Other reputable free dropshipping suppliers include CJ Dropshipping, Wholesale 2B, and Wholesale Central.

Best dropshipping suppliers in the USA

If you are an American-based online store looking to avoid shipping delays, you may prefer to work with dropshipping suppliers in the USA. Fortunately, there are plenty of good options for North American businesses.

Oberlo is an incredibly useful app for entrepreneurs looking to get into dropshipping. Drophippo is a similar dropshipping provider for U.S.-based companies. You can also find plenty of niche dropshipping suppliers in different industries around the U.S. All Footwear, for instance, is an aptly-named Florida-based dropshipping wholesale supplier that specializes in selling bulk shoes.

Best dropshipping jewelry suppliers

Nihao Dropshipping is a reputable dropship supplier that specializes in jewelry, bags, and other fashion accessories. You can find other products in their inventory as well, but they are a go-to for online shops looking to sell jewelry with dropshipping. Other dropshipping suppliers with a large general inventory, like AliExpress or Worldwide Brands should also offer plenty of jewelry, too.

Best dropshipping clothing suppliers

Clothing is one of the most popular item categories for dropshipping. The best dropshipping clothing providers vary depending on the type of clothing you wish to sell. The biggest dropshipping suppliers, like AliExpress, will have plenty of clothing to choose from. For another big name, Nordstrom also offers dropshipping for their fashion, jewelry, and fragrance items.

However, if you are looking to sell more niche or specific clothing items, you can have more success elsewhere. Niaho Dropshipping, for example, specializes in women’s fashion. Another dropship supplier we’ve already mentioned, All Footwear, is great for sellers looking to sell shoes.

Other dropshipping suppliers like BrandsDistribution and Modalyst sell unique fashion items through dropshipping. Modalyst is also a great option for print-on-demand dropshipping, which allows for fast, easy-to-make custom clothing designs.

Best pet dropshipping suppliers

Pet supplies are another one of the most popular categories in dropshipping. As such, any of the big names should be quality pet dropshipping suppliers. But, once again, there are a few suppliers who will offer a more specialized inventory of pet supplies. Tack Wholesale is one of the largest and most reputable dropshipping suppliers specializing in pet and animal products. In addition to pet supplies, Tack Wholesale also provides horse and livestock equipment.

Pet Stores USA is also a go-to dropship supplier for anyone who is focused on selling pet supplies in their web store.

Best dropship lingerie suppliers

Many of the clothing and fashion dropshippers mentioned above also specialize as dropship lingerie suppliers. Niaho Dropshipping and My Online Fashion Store are reliable dropshippers that provide a range of lingerie and loungewear options.

This is another category where the largest dropship suppliers should also have at least a basic supply of items for your store.

Best furniture dropshipping suppliers

Fast Furnishings is an American furniture wholesaler with an extensive inventory for dropshipping. There are plenty of niche furniture dropshippers out there as well, so be sure to search around in this category. Urban Country Decor specializes in furniture with a more rustic aesthetic. Modloft is a supplier with a wide array of modern furniture items. And Whitney Brothers is a company that specializes in children’s and baby furniture.

Best home decor dropshipping suppliers

Many of the best furniture dropshipping suppliers will also provide home decor items as well. Just like with furniture, it pays to do research into suppliers who fit your desired niche or aesthetics. You can even use dropship suppliers like Stratus Industries, which produces custom woodworking engravings and decor along with dropshipping services.

Best dropship coffee suppliers

The coffee industry remains one of the largest and most profitable industries in America. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that coffee is also one of the most profitable dropshipping items.

If you’re looking into coffee dropshipping, you probably want to focus on quality suppliers who specialize in coffee. Thankfully, there are several reputable dropship coffee suppliers out there.

Blessed Bean Coffee is a wholesale coffee distributor based in the U.S. with a massive inventory. Westrock Coffee is another reputable name that offers a range of coffee products and shipping plans for its clients. Seattle Gourmet Coffee Co. is another dropshipping wholesale supplier that specializes in coffee beans and products.

Best luxury dropshipping suppliers

Luxury dropshipping providers focus on providing higher-quality or designer-brand items for their clients. Most luxury dropshipping providers are specific to their industries, as they focus on providing higher quality products rather than an extensive inventory.

Modalyst and Styliafoe are both luxury clothing dropshipping providers, for example. As with private-label dropshipping providers, you will need to conduct some industry-specific research for luxury dropshipping providers. Most of the big-name, general inventory providers, like AliExpress and SaleHoo won’t satisfy your desire for luxury dropshipping items.

Private Label Dropshipping Suppliers

Private label dropshipping suppliers are distinct from other dropship suppliers because they enable custom branding for businesses. When working with a private label dropshipping provider, companies can use their products, but brand them as their own.

There are many niche dropshipping suppliers that allow for private-label dropshipping in their specific industries. Seattle Gourmet Coffee Co., for instance, is a popular private-label dropshipper in the coffee industry. Alibaba and Modalyst are a couple of other well-known dropshippers that are good for private labeling.

If you’re interested in private label dropshipping in a niche industry, it always pays to conduct research into industry-specific dropshippers. There are many reputable, niche private-label dropshipping suppliers out there.


If you are running an online store, it pays to do a bit of research into specific niches. This way, you can find the best furniture wholesale dropshipping providers for you.

Want to learn more about getting started with dropshipping? Read Ecwid’s guide on How to Start Your Dropshipping Online Store. Find the best dropshipping wholesale suppliers for your ecommerce business.


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