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COVID-19 Online Shopping Trends: What Products Sold Well In a Pandemic?

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COVID-19 has changed the way we work, socialize (Zoom party, anyone?), and  unsurprisingly — shop. People are ordering online, buying in bulk, and adjusting their shopping lists to suit their new realities. In our pandemic economy, consumers determine their purchases based on three needs (COVID-19’s hierarchy of needs, you could say): to protect, to entertain and to connect.

So with that framework in mind, let’s dive deep into what people are buying during coronavirus. Read on for our list of some of the best products to add to your online store right now. Then when you’re done, hit the search engines to do some research of your own, and let us know what you find in the comments.

Worried about sourcing inventory? Many of these products are available to dropship right now from Wholesale2b, a dropshipping service that connects directly to your Ecwid store — available on all pricing plans as part of our COVID-19 response.

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Protective Supplies

Whether it’s for groceries, to grab the mail, or just a quick stroll for some air, we’ve all gotta leave our homes at some point. And when we do, we want to be safe. That’s why masks and gloves are among the top selling products during the coronavirus crisis.

Disposable gloves

cover-19 shopping trends

A walk to a nearby grocery store or pharmacy feels safer when you aren’t glad-handing surfaces with your bare paws. To add a little more value, here’s a step-by-step guide you can share with your customers on how to remove and dispose of them properly.

Product source: Wholesale2b

And don’t forget to remind customers that the use of gloves isn’t a replacement for good hand-hygiene.


covid-19 shopping trends

With a worldwide shortage of medical masks and N95 respirators, it’s better to leave the first round picks to the people who need them most — the healthcare workers.

That leaves a major gap in the market for face coverings aimed at non-healthcare workers that you can fill. You could offer traditional face coverings, invent a unique mask of your own, or remix familiar face coverings with your own design.

For an easy option, connect your Ecwid store to print-on-demand service Printful (available on all Ecwid pricing plans), upload a print-ready design, select your product options, and add it directly to your store. If a customer places an order, Printful will print, pack, and ship their new face covering direct to their doorstep.

Product source: Printful

Workout Equipment

Social distancing means gyms and pick-up basketball are off the table for now. So for the fitness buffs out there, that means doing whatever they can to stay in shape from home.

Below are some examples of products you can sell right now to help make fitness easier during the pandemic.

Pro tip: You can also live stream videos in your storefront to throw up online workouts for your customers to enjoy at home.


trending products covid-19

Not every person is ready to put a treadmill in their living room, but you can’t go wrong with smaller fitness equipment like stretch mats, exercise balls, foam rollers, or jump ropes.

Additionally, some people may be used to training at home, while others might need a little extra coaching. Make sure to tell customers how to use your equipment by adding directions to your product descriptions. If you’re a fitness instructor, you can even go the extra mile and offer workout plans to help customers get the most out of your products.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Selling on Instagram can also help you promote your fitness equipment. Demonstrate how to do exercises with products you sell, create challenges, go live to answer customers’ questions, share tips with followers on a daily basis, and tag products in your photos.

Pro tip: Partner with fitness influencers to promote your products to relevant audiences. When you work with an influencer who covers a specific niche (in this case, fitness), you advertise your products to consumers who are interested in that specific topic.


covid-19 trending products

You can sell both yoga equipment (blocks, mats, bricks, and belts) and related products (like incense sticks or meditation pillows). And don’t forget about digital products that could be helpful for beginners, like video lessons or music for yoga and meditation.

In addition to equipment and videos, you can sell workout and yoga clothes made from light, stretchy, and breathable fabrics. If you decide to sell yoga leggings with your own design, you can check out comments from other merchants on Printful:

Image source: Printful


covid-19 Top Selling Products

Dumbbells are a must-have for any home gym. If your audience is primarily workout beginners, stick to lighter dumbbells (2 to 20 pounds). And weight isn’t the only thing that matters either — material affects usability too. For instance, dumbbells covered in neoprene are a go-to choice because they’re easy to grip and won’t get slick from sweating palms.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Keep in mind that shipping dumbbells can get pricey if they’re heavier. Be sure to cover the actual cost of delivering these products — set up custom shipping rates based on weight in your control panel.

Resistance bands

top selling products coronavirus

Wanna sell something a little lighter to save on shipping costs? Go with resistance bands: they’re lightweight and make a great resource for beginners and advanced exercisers alike.

Product source: Wholesale2b


When going outside becomes a threat, shelf-stable foods become the hottest commodity. Fried grains, pasta, rice, dried meat, nuts, cooking oils — even snacks and bottled beverages.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Pro tip: People often buy shelf-stable products in bulk, so make sure to set up bulk discount pricing in your Ecwid store to increase average order value.

See also: Rules and Regulations for Selling Food Online

Canned foods

top selling products

For customers who like non-perishables, there are plenty of canned foods to stock a pantry with, like soups, sauces, coconut milk, beans, diced tomatoes or chiles, olives, pumpkin puree, and canned fish.

Product source: Wholesale2b

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s survey, most respondents said they’re eating healthier than the previous decade, so don’t miss the opportunity to stock some healthy options whenever possible.

Dairy products

top selling items covid-19

Foods like bread, eggs, and milk are a must for most consumers. If you sell dairy products, explain to your customers how to store dairy products to stretch their shelf life (and toss in a few fun recipes to practice during quarantine).

You can also add plant milks to your store for lactose intolerant and vegan customers — like almond, coconut, rice or soy milk.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Baking mixes

top selling items covid-19

Make custom cookie, pancake, and cake mixes to make getting fresh baked treats easier for beginners and hungry bakers who want to save time. Plus, you can share your tips for baking or recipes on social media and encourage followers to share and save them — this will positively affect your posts organic reach. It means your posts will be shown to more people, which can help with promoting your store.

Product source: Wholesale2b


top selling items covid-19

Add different types of flour to your store and explain how they differ. Using the right type of flour can make all the difference in taste when making pastry. Moreover, gluten content might be important for people with gluten sensitivity. You can offer them alternatives like buckwheat or corn flour.

Also, sell related products like yeast, recipe books, or baking supplies.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Bread machines

top selling items covid-19

People seem to be really into baking their own bread now! Help your customers to master their bread baking skills and share tips on how to make the best dough. Or, if your audience consists of more advanced bakers, you can run a contest for the best bread recipe.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Toiletries and Cleaning Supplies

Health concerns and staying at home prompt people to buy more personal care and household products. Not only hands need washing!

Think about adding to your store some of these products: soaps, body wash, cleaners, laundry supplies, or check out more ideas below.


top selling products

Health concerns make people choose antibacterial soap over regular one, but it isn’t necessary. According to the FDA, “there isn’t enough science to show that over-the-counter antibacterial soaps are better at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water.”

If you’re into a bit of DIY, you can make soap yourself using recipes that can be found online. You can make it from scratch or with premade soap bases.

Corktown Soap sells eco-friendly soap with Ecwid

Dishwashing supplies

top selling products

Everyone is cooking at home or ordering delivery which means a full sink of dishes. Dish soap, scrubbers, sponges, dishwasher detergents and cleaners — these products are in demand when dishes pile up faster than usual. Related products like kitchen towels, microfiber cloths, and dish gloves can also interest customers.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Paper towels

top selling products

If you’re already selling household supplies, add some cheap but high-demand items like paper towels to the “Related products” section of product pages.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Or, you can add related products to order confirmation emails. In Ecwid, you can do that with automated emails that customers get when they place an order in your store. Here’s how related products look in order confirmation emails:

Home Office Products

People all over the world are working from home, realizing they lack a proper workspace. Shoppers are looking for anything that can make their work from home convenient, from desks and ergonomic chairs to keyboards, laptop mice, and even air purifiers.

Office chairs

products to sell covid-19

AA decent chair can make a world of difference when working from home. It should provide back, thigh and arm support, so one can work in a comfortable position.

Pro Tip: Educate your customers about finding the ideal height for their chair: when a person sits down, their feet should be flat on the floor, with their knees at a 90° angle.

Product source: Wholesale2b


products to sell covid-19

The EPA recommends keeping indoor humidity between 30 and 50%, and humidifiers can help with that. When you spend most of your time at home, dry indoor air might cause discomfort.

Add a Q&A section on how to use a humidifier to a product page and don’t forget about warranty information.

Product source: Wholesale2b

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Home Improvement

When you’re stuck at home, you finally have time to renew and redecorate everything you didn’t have time for. Some people are into DIY home decor, others are ready to renew that old paint and set up a garden, so the range of products you can offer is quite broad.

Product source: Wholesale2b

DIY supplies for home improvement

products to sell covid-19

Paper, paints, craft tools, sewing kits, unfinished wood crafts, molds — the list of DIY supplies is full of options to choose from for your store.

If you’re going to sell DIY supplies, think about making kits for beginners to start a new hobby. Along with DIY supplies, you can also sell digital products like tutorials and printables.

Product source: Wholesale2b

A great place to promote DIY home decor is Pinterest. It works as a visual search engine that people often turn to when they need inspiration for home improvement ideas. Listen to our podcast on how to use pins and boards on Pinterest to attract traffic to your store for free.

Browse Pinterest to see what home decor ideas get more pins

Other popular trends on Pinterest include beauty, celebrations, food, parenting, style, and travel. If any of these categories suit your store, you should definitely try advertising your products on Pinterest.

Gardening supplies

products to sell covid-19

Those who have a garden might want to freshen it up too, and they’ll need all kinds of supplies. For example, planters, tools, soils, fertilizers, garden beds, plant protectors and supports, as well as garden footwear and clothing.

Product source: Wholesale2b


shopping trends covid-19

Not only people who have a garden buy seeds, some shoppers look for seeds to start them indoors. For example, to grow herbs like mint or basil at home. Don’t forget to add instructions for growing seeds both indoors and in a garden and explain how to prevent common mistakes.

Seeds are a lightweight product, which means you can save on shipping. However, you’ll need to make sure they’re packed properly. Some seeds can be sent in a plain envelope but it’s better to use some padding, so they are not crushed in the mail.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Hobbies and Entertainment

As we mentioned at the beginning, now people are shopping for products based on three needs: to protect, to entertain and to connect. Food and cleaning supplies help us to feel safe, but we also need to have fun and spend quality time with our families.

To fight boredom, people turn to hobbies or fun activities, for example, painting, knitting, playing ping pong or board games, making crafts, or creative projects with kids.

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Board games

shopping trends covid-19

Help your customers fight quarantine boredom with new board games to play with a family. If you’re short on ideas, browse best selling board games on Amazon or check out lists of new releases.

Product source: Wholesale2b

Online games can help you too: make your own versions of Social Distancing Bingo and use it to promote your store on social media. Encourage your followers to share it to play with friends, but remind them to tag your store and add your branded hashtag to the post.


shopping trends covid-19

If you’re not sure how to promote puzzles during quarantine, remember all those parents who work remotely and are desperate to keep their kids busy. You can also sell complex 3D puzzles that might interest adults too.

Product source: Wholesale2b

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Choose Your Items to Sell During the Coronavirus Outbreak

If your store has seen a decline in orders lately, don’t despair — treat this period like the off-season. You’ll need to make some changes, but you can still get those shoppers. You can try a new sales channel, improve your delivery, or add some new products to your store. The latter is easier now that you looked through things that have been selling out online during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to add new products to your store as quickly and effortlessly as possible, use dropshipping services Wholesale2b and Printful with your Ecwid store. Then all you have to do is promote your store and accept orders, while dropshippers prepare, pack, and send items themselves.

Happy selling!


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