Accept Apple Pay With Ecwid and Stripe

Introducing One-Tap Checkout with Apple Pay

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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now you can let customers pay for orders with a tap when you set up Apple Pay for your Ecwid store.

Re-typing credit card details and shipping info is  unquestionably — the worst part of online shopping. It’s inconvenient. It’s tedious. And it involves entirely too many numbers. With Apple Pay for Ecwid stores, your customers can forget all that. Apple Pay lets your customers complete your entire checkout process from a single tap.

And because Apple Pay is authorized by fingerprint or face identification, your customers can always enjoy the same frictionless checkout experience whenever they visit your store.

Set-up Apple Pay with Stripe to start offering simpler payments and encourage more shoppers to complete their purchase with your new one-tap checkout. Apple Pay is now available for free on all Ecwid pricing plans across 35 countries.

Easier Checkout for Customers, More Sales for You

Like we said, no one likes re-typing their credit card details or shipping info — and that goes double for mobile users.

With Apple Pay, payment details are stored securely in the Wallet app for easy use in Apple’s Safari browser across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. And paying with Apple Pay isn’t just super fast: it’s also secure thanks data encryption technologies and Touch ID/Face ID.

According to Ecwid’s data, 27% of all orders in Ecwid stores are placed from an iPhone or iPad. So even if you’re not an Apple or Safari user yourself, there’s a good chance quite a few of your customers will be. And for those users already enjoying the convenience of Apple’s lightning-fast Apple Pay from other stores, adding their preferred payment system will give you a leg-up on your competition.

But adding Apple Pay to your Ecwid store is about more than doing something nice for your customers. Apple Pay offers an almost unbelievably smooth checkout experience for Apple users. And the less friction you have in your checkout experience, the more sales you’ll be able to complete without shoppers abandoning their carts and  ultimately — the more money you’ll be able to earn for your business.

Once you connect Apple Pay in your store, Ecwid will display a separate Apple Pay button on your checkout page signaling to customers that it’s available:

How to Enable Apple Pay in Your Ecwid Store

Currently, Apple Pay is only available in Ecwid through Stripe payment processing. But over the coming months, Apple Pay will be made available to merchants across a variety of payment processors through their Ecwid stores.

Enable Apple Pay with Stripe using our comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Can Ecwid stores accept Apple Pay while selling in-person?

Yes! Ecwid has integrated with several of the largest Point-of-Sale systems to help merchants easily sell their products in person. With a POS connected to your Ecwid Control panel, you can sell in-person and sync your sales and inventory directly with your Ecwid store. Ecwid POS partners like Square also support Apple Pay, so be sure to check out their integration (available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan) if you’re planning to sell in-person.

Learn more about connecting your Ecwid store to POS systems in your Control panel → Sales Channels → POS or in our Help Center.

Enable Apple Pay Today

Apple Pay makes it easier to shop online across all Apple devices. And with mobile shopping eclipsing desktop experiences, efficient checkout is a no-brainer for Ecwid merchants. With Apple’s simple one-tap checkout, you can convert more desktop and mobile shoppers and provide a seamless customer experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Enable Apple Pay

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