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How to Use Text Messaging for E-commerce

The Best SMS Services for Ecommerce Stores

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SMS marketing is an incredibly useful technique for reaching customers about orders and promotions. The concept is relatively simple — you enhance your customer relationships via text messages and keep them in the loop with your latest products.

If you require targeted marketing that has a better chance of turning a customer into a repeat customer, SMS marketing is a fantastic option. This form of marketing is more personal than other marketing channels (social media advertising or mailing lists) and offers high open rates (98%) and impressive conversion rates (45%).

If you’d like to know more about the best SMS services for ecommerce, check out the rest of our article below. We’ll be looking at some of the most popular standalone and multichannel services available for your ecommerce store.

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Why Should You Be Using SMS Marketing?

More than 6.5 billion people have smartphones. And this number is expected to exceed 7.6 billion by the end of 2027.


Studies show that more than half of online purchases were made on a smartphone. As such, text-based marketing is an effective strategy that targets a huge demographic. However, companies can also use SMS messages to prompt customers to check their emails for mailing list promotions.

Consider the power of texting. How many people do you know who prefer to send and receive text messages rather than make phone calls? Think about how effective a marketing channel would be that utilizes a person’s most comfortable mode of communication.

SMS Live

SMS Live is a standalone SMS tool suited to smaller marketing teams and founders who perform a lot of roles for their company.

While this is a relatively new service, it is perfect for a company that requires basic, easy-to-use functionality. The platform also features a marketer-friendly dashboard and feature road map. The company values transparency and is upfront about pricing and security, maintaining a positive relationship with users and, in turn, helping you achieve a positive, non-invasive relationship with your own customers.

Key Features

  • Customizable, personalized messages
  • Can be integrated with customer support systems like HelpDesk
  • URL link shortening with your personal brand.
  • TCPA, CTIA, GDPR compliant
  • Use a dedicated number for two-way messaging
  • Deflects 87% of responses automatically
  • Advanced reporting with view and click-through conversion insights


Braze is a robust customer engagement platform that allows companies to cultivate a positive relationship with other customers via successful and personal marketing campaigns. The platform offers multi-channel marketing options, including Messenger and SMS, using real customer details and insights to create unique messages to certain demographics.

Braze also includes push and triggered notification possibilities, so your audience always receives notifications regarding the services and products they are interested in. Users can compare A/B testing scripts to figure out which line of conversation converts leads into sales, etc.

With comprehensive analysis functions, numerous campaigns, and audience segmentation, Braze is a fantastic option for campaigns of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive segmentation by price, time, and location
  • Automated processes, including push and triggered messaging
  • User-friendly campaign scheduling
  • Custom flows
  • A/B script testing‍


Chaty is a multi-channel platform available through the Ecwid app store that provides WhatsApp, Messenger, and similar chat buttons for your ecommerce store. You can target customers, and convert more sales by talking to customers through their preferred channels, including SMS, Telegram, Viber, and the aforementioned Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. You can also customize the appearance of your Chaty buttons, fonts, and include a call-to-action message. Users can also choose the chat widget to appear at a specific time.

There is a strong possibility that your customers are already familiar with Messenger, WhatsApp, and numerous other communication channels. As such, companies should seek to use those communication channels to create a marketing experience that benefits the customer and leads to more sales. You can choose up to 20 different channels to enhance your relationship with the customer and reach them with relevant information and promotions.

In addition, the widget can be customized to match your website’s appearance. As we have already stated, you can change colors, position, size, attention effects. However, you can also upload custom images for every channel you use or even for the widget icon itself. Users can also track clicks via Google Analytics

Key Features

  • Creates chat widget pop-ups to turn viewers into customers via SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so much more
  • Custom targeting options available for Pro users
  • Allows complete customization to match your ecommerce store visual aesthetic
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other SMS marketing services


Privy is the second multichannel SMS marketing on our list and the go-to platform for ecommerce stores that want to improve their conversion rate. This tool focused on building pop-ups in its early days but quickly turned into a comprehensive conversion rate optimization service, helping clients improve their email, SMS, and Messenger conversion rate with simple yet effective drag-and-drop form collectors.

Privy’s features work across every browser type, so you can capture customers whether they use desktop, mobile, or tablet.

The platform serves 300,00 businesses and is a great way to segment customers, automate customer-centric engagement processes, develop in-depth reports, and access a wide range of metrics.

Privy is different from other SMS marketing services for a few reasons. For one, the platform has a huge amount of integrations that should probably work with your current marketing tech stack. Privy also offers email automation so you may not need to use other tools like Klaviyo, making your job as an admin much easier.

The segmentation features are robust and useful for providing customers with an offer that suits their buying habits; separating them based on their cart size, product preferences, and more.‍

Key Features

  • Retargeting features across SMS, Messenger, and email — fantastic for customer retention
  • Pop-ups targeting specific leads to grow SMS contacts.‍

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many SMS services available to convert leads into sales and interact with your customers in a personal and organic way. Consider integrating one of these tools with your Ecwid ecommerce store to reach your customers, inform them of your latest deals, and ensure they are getting the most out of your products and services.


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