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What is the Best Place to Sell Art Online? 6 Popular Websites to Sell Art Online

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Apart from seeking different viable means of making a living, artists must consider other possible options to make money on the side. And one of the best ways to do that is to sell art online. Statistically, the online art market recorded a growth of over 16% in 2021.

In the online marketplace where you can sell original artwork for money, buyers are there and waiting for you to create art they want to buy. All you have to do is sign up and start selling, bearing in mind their respective terms, conditions, and fees, among other things. Some of the best places to look into are Fine Art America, Art(dot)com, Artsy, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

In actuality, there are many ways to make money with art—whether by designing a logo for a t-shirt or doing some painting. Selling art online isn’t a grueling task. There are a few steps involved, and one noteworthy piece of information is to embrace the largesse of Ecwid’s ecommerce solutions

In this post, we’ll show you a list of the top platforms where you can sell art online and why we think you should consider them. You will get to understand that there are numerous ways to capitalize on your artistic prowess and make extra money off it.

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How To Make Money By Selling Your Art Online

There are diverse places where you can sell your art online. This probably explains the intense competition going on in the marketplace, and the struggle to make money. But one key differentiator is the uniqueness and relatedness of your piece to art.

There are some recommendations to help you find the right place for your art. It is pertinent that you take note of the ones that pique your interest, especially if you are convinced that the platform aligns with your style of art. The reason is that each platform is unique in its way, and they work differently. Therefore, you have to do due diligence to identify the one you feel you would thrive on.

In addition, you have to understand the terms and conditions for each. That way, you can know what the platform charges you, what you are expected to do, and what you cannot do. For instance, some platforms are strict about the originality of your piece. In a few cases, some have more relaxed conditions. Some may charge you more commission than it is worth. But by reading the T&Cs well, you can make sure to see if the fee is worth it or not.

As you will often find with most online platforms, you should not expect people to start buying immediately. You will need to have a rock-solid brand and do a little marketing. The fact that the buyers are there already waiting for you does not automatically translate to quick and immediate sales. You have to learn how to make them seek you and your service.

Meanwhile, the majority of the platforms have a similar approach. You will be required to upload your artwork, set a price, and include a description. Although the tools offered may not be the same depending on the platform you choose.

The best websites to sell art online are Fine Art America, Art(dot)com, Artsy, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You only need to choose the one that suits the style of your work and offers the beneficial terms for you. Read about the features of each platform in our article.

6 Best Places To Sell Art Online

1. eBay

eBay is popularly known as an auction website where buyers can get bits of everything they want. It is an excellent platform for artists who have an existing sales strategy and would like to include another sales channel.

eBay has a section dedicated to art, which is eBay Art and it includes photographers, drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, posters, and NFTs. In 2020, the total sales amassed on eBay topped $31 billion. Consequently, art resellers and artists seeking additional sales revenue would consider the site for their endeavors. You only need a little bit of effort to list your work, and you can sell digital downloads of your arts, too.

You have the opportunity to list your art on eBay as auction items at a minimum price requirement and include a “buy now” price tag. They have broad policies regarding their artwork and allow artists lawful sales of their original artwork, among other benefits. If you have a standalone store on an ecommerce site, you can link your store to eBay to boost sales.

The fact that the auction option could inadvertently result in a price increase, the ease to join the platform, and the vast audience on eBay are some of the benefits of using the platform. The only downsides to the use of eBay are the complicated fees and uncertain reputation concerns.

2. Etsy

Etsy remains the go-to website for vintage resellers and artists. It has a massive art subcategory where you can easily locate art in different media such as art prints and original art. Top sellers on Etsy are drawing and illustrations, digital prints, and painting.

One of the advantages of selling your art on Etsy is that you have the audience and market waiting to shop for your hand-created objects and they are willing to pay for their choices. Nevertheless, Etsy is a competitive space for original work.

That means you have to go the extra mile to drive traffic through social media marketing and advertising because you cannot necessarily depend on buyers finding you on their own. You must get familiar with the fee structure before you open an Etsy shop.

Check out their plans and pick a suitable one and as you compare the costs. Note that Etsy is typically set up to connect you and other artists with existing willing buyers. The limited design tools, crowded selling field, and numerous fees are some of the drawbacks with Etsy.

Learn more: A Beginner’s Guide to Selling on Etsy

3. Fine Art America

Fine Art America has tremendously transformed the industry to become the largest digital marketplace for art across the globe. Fine Art America boasts of a global audience, print-on-demand technology, and easy setup. This makes the platform a sought-after resource for artists.

Little wonder they are home to thousands of artists who want to sell their home decor, wall art, fine paintings, and apparel.

4. Amazon

Yes, Amazon! Amazon has a section on its website solely for sellers of arts and crafts who want to sell hand-made and homemade arts online. One good thing about the platform is that anyone can apply as long as you are willing to offer a unique item. But before you get started, you will need to be approved by the platform. Handmade by Amazon allows only certain sellers and not everyone will be approved. In some cases, others may have to wait for a long time before they finally get approval. But the good news is there are no hidden fees when you sell your art on Amazon- only a 15% flat fee deducted from your sale.

5. Society6

Society6 is a print-on-demand marketplace with one of the largest product assortments. Renowned for enabling customers to make a quick and fascinating exploration of your art through various categories such as home decor, furniture, wall art, and others, Society6 only requires you to sign up and upload your art to the shop.

It is one of the prominent places to sell your art online and they cater to all other responsibilities such as printing, shipping, fulfillment. However, they may not be the most lucrative platform to sell your art as you only make 10% on your sale as an artist. Although there are numerous other ways to drive your revenue and opportunities to make higher markups for your prints, canvas prints, and art prints. One of these is through an affiliate program.

6. Your Ecommerce Store

Very vehemently, one excellent way to sell your art online is through your ecommerce store. It is a method where you have to take full control and gain mastery of the ins and outs of conducting an online art business from the comfort of your home. The knowledge of learning how to create a website can also be a plus, or at least get someone to build one for you.

An advantage of using this method is that you will be the owner of your online shop. That is, making sales is your responsibility as much as the handling of the pre-and post-sales activities. Another perk is that operating your ecommerce store has immense rewards. You have the opportunity to create your brand, promote your art the way you like, and control the pricing accordingly.

But you have to handle shipping, fulfilling orders, and handling returns including marketing, sales proamotions, and merchandising. You can take “selling art online” to an entirely new level by setting up your ecommerce shop with Ecwid.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve made a compelling argument on why an online store is a perfect place to sell your artwork. Having given some reliable platforms you can look into to sell your artwork and make money, you must understand how each site operates and what they offer. Such analysis helps you know which suits you best and offers you the optimum margins and the best services.

Do you want to learn more about selling art online?

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