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The Best Free Graphic Design Software You Can Find Online

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There’s no doubt about it: high-quality graphic design is an essential part of any business image. After all, some of the biggest brands in the world are globally recognized just by their logo! Without graphic design, the world of business would lack the stunning advertisements, eye-catching displays, and other artwork that brings brands to life.

If you’re a business owner on a budget, you might not be able to afford to shell out hundreds of dollars on graphic design software. Luckily, high-quality graphic design software doesn’t have to come with an expensive price tag.

Keep reading to check out our list of the best free graphics design software out there.

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Graphic Design Software for Mac

It’s no secret that Mac computers are an excellent choice for graphic designers. Their high-quality displays and lightning-fast processors make it a breeze to create free graphics. It’s also true, however, that these awesome features come with a price tag.  Luckily, there are several free graphic design software options compatible with the operating system.

Here are our top three picks to send you on your way to creating free graphics today:

For social content: Gravit Designer

If you’re looking for a flexible tool to make graphic design a breeze, Gravit Designer has what you’re looking for. This powerful graphic design software option has a free option that includes cloud storage, PDF export, and RGB renderings.

Gravit Designer PRO interface on mac

Gravit Designer PRO interface on Mac. Image source.

With Gravit Designer, you’ll have an arsenal of design tools at your fingertips to create content for advertising campaigns, logos, social media content, and much more!

For editing: GIMP

GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a free and open-source graphic design software program. This means that, unlike other “free” options, you won’t need to invest in a subscription to unlock the full scope of features. GIMP’s wide selection of editing options offers the flexibility you need to create a wide array of graphic features for your business. The best part — you won’t spend a dime!

For beginners: Inkscape

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Inkscape is how easy it is to use. This free graphics design software is a great choice for web designers, graphic designers, and other creatives looking for the best free graphic design software.

Some of its most notable features are advanced drawing tools, a wide format compatibility arsenal, an intuitive text tool, plus bezier and spiro curves. This means that you’ll have the capabilities you need to create show-stopping designs with ease.

Graphic Design Software for Windows

There was a time when most graphic design software was primarily compatible with Mac computers. Luckily, with technological advancements on Windows computers, there is no shortage of amazing options for free graphic design software. Let’s dive right in!

For WordPress: Vectr

If you need graphic design software that’s compatible with WordPress, look no further. Vectr is one of the best 100% free graphic design software options for WordPress. The best part is, that isn’t the most exciting thing about the software. Here are some of our favorite features that Vectr offers:

  • User-friendly, intuitive platform interaction
  • Artificial intelligence-powered tools (saves time and energy)
  • Free plugin for Chrome browser available
  • Free forever — no subscription plan purchase required!

For professional designers: Krita

Krita is a web-based, open-source paint program that is perfect for professional graphic designers. It offers high-quality design tools that are easy to use and simple to navigate. As a business owner, you know that time is money. If you want to save time without sacrificing quality, choosing graphic design software that makes it easy to create free graphics is the best choice you can make.

krita interface example

Krita interface example. Image source.

Overall, Krita has a few standout features that helped the service land on our list:

  • Ability to create a range of final products, including everything from illustrations to comics to animation
  • Developed by actual users
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Great option for users from all skill levels

Krita also offers brush packs, vector and text tools, and special graphic modes to make your job easier. Working more efficiently means you’ll have more time at your fingertips to focus on fine-tuning features. The result? Happier clients!

For beginners: Paint 3D

If you bought your computer with Windows 10 installed, you already have Paint 3D installed on your hard drive. This 100% free graphic software is perfect for professional and recreational projects and packs a powerful punch.

When you use Paint 3D, you’ll have the option of creating either 2D or 3D images. This flexibility allows you to offer a more eclectic mix of graphic design finished products. Since each member of your customer base is so unique, it’s essential to be versatile in your design capabilities. Luckily, Paint 3D arms you with the tools you need to be flexible without sacrificing your budget or your free graphics’ quality.

Paint 3D in action

Paint 3D in action. Image source.

If you’re new to graphic design or the Paint 3D app, you don’t need to worry. The program comes with impressive tutorials and a comprehensive guidebook. Consequently, we love Paint 3D for beginners especially.

Graphic Design Apps: Free Options

Are you looking for graphic design app options on the go? There’s no doubt that cell phones play an important role in most people’s lives. Why not use your phone to create show-stopping graphics? Here are a few of our favorite graphic design apps:

For the masses: Canva

If you’re looking for an intuitive, flexible, and easy-to-use design app, look no further. Canva is hands-down one of the most popular graphic design apps  (free, of course) out there. This platform offers in-depth tutorials and an impressive library of templates and design elements that you can access for free.

Canva has design templates for social media posts, reels, and stories. You can also create logos, flyers, posters, mobile videos, YouTube thumbnails, and much more! Canva also has a super user-friendly website, which means you can work seamlessly across all your smart devices. It truly doesn’t get much better than this.

For editing: Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the name Adobe in the graphic design space before. Though their powerhouse graphic design programs like Photoshop are pay-only graphic design apps, free options do exist. Our favorite? Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express, you can create social graphics, webpages, and more. This means that with one free tool, you can create breathtaking graphics for your business. If you’re looking for a trusted brand with an impressive resume, Creative Cloud Express is the perfect fit for you.

For drawing: Sketchbook

If your graphic designs start with the stroke of a pencil, Sketchbook is among the best of graphic design apps (free apps, anyway), options for you. This graphic design software is optimized to work seamlessly with stylus pens. It is also custom tailored to cater to creators who prefer to draw their designs by hand.

With Sketchbook, you’ll also have access to a library of hundreds of brushes to bring your artwork to life. The platform also has intuitive symmetry tools that make it easier than ever to create perfectly balanced designs.

Sell Graphic Design with Ecwid

There’s nothing quite as sweet as forever free, whether it’s graphic design software or beyond. That’s why at Ecwid, we help you create top-notch online stores that don’t cost you a dime. With Ecwid, you can count on fanatical support, world-class customer service, and all the tools you need to get started today.

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