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The Best Cloud Hosting For Online Stores

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To make your ecommerce store a success, it’s essential to get good hosting. In recent years, cloud technology has revolutionized the hosting industry. This is partly because cloud services provide more reliability and resistance to failure. They also give you more flexibility by giving you access to a shared pool of resources. Using these services, you can get unlimited storage and bandwidth without worrying about costs.

This article will provide info on cloud hosting, why it is ideal, and what to look for in a cloud hosting provider. So don’t stop now! Keep Reading!

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What is Cloud Server Hosting for Online Stores?

It’s a way of sharing server resources. Physical servers are divided into multiple logical partitions that act as independent servers. Each of these independent servers is referred to as a cloud instance.

Each instance has its own operating system, storage disks, RAM, and CPU resources. A client can rent one, multiple, or even all of the resources of a single physical server. They are billed on hourly rates, with discounts for more extended contracts.

It can be deployed as quickly as a traditional hosting plan and is more flexible than others where clients purchase the hardware outright. It’s also more cost-effective than other hosting packages since it doesn’t require users to invest heavily in IT infrastructure.

With cloud hosting, you can scale both up and down. This makes it ideal for online stores that garner sudden traffic spikes, like the Black Friday rush or Cyber Monday.

What Platforms Does Cloud Hosting Work For?

Cloud hosting will work on any platform. It’s ideal for online stores that offer both mobile and desktop-compatible products, like fashion or music downloads. Cloud hosting is also great for online stores that frequently change their product line and inventory, which will incur significant expenses with other hosting plans.

When choosing the best cloud hosting for small businesses, make sure the provider you choose can help with Amazon cloud hosting and Google cloud hosting.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting for Online Stores

When choosing a cloud hosting service for your online store, several factors to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

  1. Check the partner options of your chosen web hosting provider. This is especially important since you need to build a strong network of customers and a good, reliable service to entice new buyers.
  2. Consider the level of compatibility you need in terms of technology and devices your customers will use to access your store. To succeed, you must optimize your website for speed, security, and stability.
  3. Other factors to consider are the customer support options available and those provided during and after the sign-up process.
  4. You must also check to see if your chosen hosting company can scale as your business grows. It might be helpful to sign up for free cloud hosting by Ecwid before making any decisions.
  5. Look for a provider that offers a good, user-friendly control panel. This will simplify your life as an online store owner since it allows you to manage your email and domain names, as well as create and edit content.
  6. It’s also essential to go with a provider known for dependable customer service. An excellent hosting company will monitor and maintain your servers 24/7 to ensure maximum speed and security while also guaranteeing a minimum of 99.9% uptime.
  7. The provider must have industry-standard security measures in place to keep your data safe and prevent unauthorized access. This, of course, goes without saying.
  8. You should also check to see which payment options are available and the cost of each.
  9. Finally, there’s support available during and after sign-up for any issues you might face. Payment methods can include credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and even cash on delivery.

What to Look Out For In Cloud Hosting Providers

When looking for the best cloud hosting services, there are certain features that you need to look out for depending on what is suitable for your needs. Here are some of the top features of the best ecommerce hosting providers.

Easy checkout

You need to consider your user’s experience when shopping on your online store, including how quick and smooth the checkout process is. You can test out their website speed by visiting page speed insights. A fast page speed means that users will spend more time on your site, resulting in a higher chance of converting into a sale.

The last thing you want is for someone to get upset during the checkout process and not complete the sale.

Code or no-code?

Whether you want to use a simple drag and drop website builder, or if you’d like more control over the design of your store, there is something for everyone. If you go with a no-code option, you will be able to build out your online store quickly without any technical knowledge.

But what if you do have coding knowledge? Some cloud hosting providers will give you complete control over your store, allowing for custom features and design.

Ease of setting up your store

Cloud hosting service providers offer simple no-code setup options and fully customizable code-editing options. There is something for everyone; it all depends on your skill level with website development.

You can find out which is suitable for you by looking through their online documentation or reading reviews from past clients.

Customer service and support

The best ecommerce hosting providers will provide quality customer service to help you with any technical difficulties that you experience. This can be through email support, social media accounts dedicated to customer service, or even 24/7 phone support.

They will provide you with a quality customer experience, which is important because not only will they help you when you need it most, but also your clients.

Price and budget

Cloud hosting services vary in price. But with the best ecommerce cloud hosting, you get what you paid for. They will provide quality customer service, a good hosting environment, and reliable uptime. In addition, Ecwid is free for anyone to start and allows you to scale as your business grows.

Free trial period

A free trial period allows you to test out the service before committing to a long-term contract, allowing for a better idea of how good it is and whether it is really worth the money.


A website hosting provider with DDoS protection allows you to be safe from DDoS attacks on your site. These are targeted attacks designed to bring down your website, so they must be protected. A shared platform means that you share the server with other clients, which puts you at a higher risk of being targeted by hackers. However, each cloud server is spread across many nodes in different geographic regions, which helps protect against these types of attacks.

What Type of Hosting Do I Need for Ecommerce?

You will need a managed platform for your ecommerce store to ensure maximum uptime and quality customer service. This helps you maintain high page speeds, which leads to more conversions and happier customers.

There are options on the market that can be used as either a shared platform or a dedicated platform where you have complete control over your online store.

Mobile responsive

Search engines are now favoring mobile-responsive websites. In addition, all ecommerce hosting platforms are mobile responsive by default, making it easier for your customers to browse your online store on any device.

Many hosting providers will allow you to embed your online store right into your Facebook business page. This allows more of your customers to view your products and will increase your overall sales conversion.

Also, if you need the best cloud hosting for WordPress, your provider should offer this as well.

Best Ecommerce Hosting Providers

This article has highlighted what to look for in the best cloud hosting providers for your online store. To determine which one is right for you, it’s essential to consider what type of hosting package you need and how much experience you have with website development and design.

Cloud hosting service providers offer both simple no-code setup options to fully customizable code-editing options. There is something for everyone; it all depends on your skill level with website development.

You can find out which is right for you by looking through their online documentation or reading reviews from past clients. If you consider a managed platform that will provide quality customer service and uptime while maintaining high page speeds, these are some great choices.

Ecwid is free for anyone to start and allows you to scale as your business grows. Ecwid offers a no-code option for easy setup and even has a free trial to allow you to test out the service. You can also get a free domain, a free SSL certificate, and a money-back guarantee. Furthermore, world-class customer service is provided, allowing for a higher quality customer experience.

Don’t wait to begin your path of success; get started selling today!

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