Posted Dec 12, 2019 by Matt Kuritsyn, Ecwid Team

Ecwid Integrates With Afterpay to Allow Buy Now, Pay Later for Customer Payments for Your Store

Customers asking to buy now and pay later? No wuckas! Afterpay approved merchants can now accept payments in their Ecwid E-commerce store with Afterpay.

One of our most requested payment integrations, Afterpay, is a buy now, pay later solution that’s earned a reputation among innovators in the Southern Hemisphere and beyond. This booming startup originated in Australia where it boasts 6.1 million active customers globally, including healthy operations in New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

If you’re ready to offer a buy now, pay later for your customers, we’re pleased to say that the wait is over. Introducing Afterpay.

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Afterpay Is More than a Payment Option

Afterpay isn’t like most payment products.

Benefits for Afterpay customers:

  • Customers can pay for their orders in four fortnightly payments.
  • No additional fees if paid on time.
  • Customers can enjoy instant approval and shipment.

This image shows Afterpay payment option at checkout of an Ecwid store. Afterpay is a popular buy now, pay later payment provider originated from Australia.

Afterpay on the Ecwid store’s checkout page

For merchants, Afterpay transactions work the same as any other payment provider. Merchants fees start at 6%+ .30 per transaction + GST for every transaction made via Afterpay. And the best part, merchants receive payment upfront (less Afterpay’s fees), whilst Afterpay continues the payment cycle with the customer, making Afterpay a convenient payment option for both customers and merchants alike.

Customers get the option to pay for their purchases in instalments while getting their item up-front, and the merchants enjoy up-front settlement. The freedom that Afterpay provides can help to support incremental growth for Merchants through loyal customers, higher conversions and bigger carts.

This picture shows how Afterpay, a fast-growing buy now, pay later payment provider looks in an Ecwid store. There is a badge with the afterpay logo and Ecwid automatically splits the price into four instalments on the product page when Afterpay is connected

Ecwid splits the price into four instalments on the product page when Afterpay is connected

Afterpay has grown to prominence in Australia and is expanding fast in the US and the UK, winning FinTech Organisation of the Year two years in a row! After a barrage of requests to integrate the famed new platform with Ecwid, it’s safe to say that Afterpay is poised to be one of the next big things in the world of online payments.

How to Add Afterpay to Ecwid

First, you’ll need to create a retailer account with Afterpay if you haven’t already:

  1. Complete your Merchant Enquiry Form.
  2. Afterpay will verify your business and send you a link to their onboarding portal where you will sign a Merchant Agreement with Afterpay.
  3. Afterpay will conduct its compliance checks.
  4. Your application is approved and passed to their integrations team.

Next, you’ll need to set up Afterpay in your Ecwid store:

  1. Open the Payment tab in your Ecwid control panel.
  2. Select “Afterpay” from featured payment options or find it in the “Other payment options” drop-down (depending on your store-country).
  3. On the setup screen, add your Afterpay account credentials (Merchant ID and Secret Key — you can find these in Settings →  Integrations in your Afterpay account.)
  4. Save your changes.

This screenshot shows Afterpay setup in Ecwid Control panel

Afterpay setup in Ecwid Control panel → Payment

Keep Your Payment Options Flexible

Afterpay has transaction limits meaning customers can’t use it for purchases under $10 and over $1,000.

While Afterpay may be the preferred payment option for your Ecwid store, you can offer customers additional options for purchases outside the Afterpay transaction limits.

Afterpay can also adjust the transaction limits individually for your store.

Simply follow the steps above to set up Afterpay and you’ll be able to find your transaction limits on the setup page of your Ecwid store.

Connect more ways to get paid to ensure that every customer can complete checkout regardless of their order value. With over fifty integrated payment options for your Ecwid store, you’ve got plenty of choices.

About the author
Matt is a product manager at Ecwid. He works with the Ecwid dev team and helps them shipping the right features for Ecwid merchants. Outside of work, Matt likes travelling and climbing the mountains.
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