7 Ways to Sell With Ecwid’s “Buy Now” Button
Posted Mar 2, 2017 by Anna Koneva, Ecwid Team

7 Ways to Sell With Ecwid’s “Buy Now” Button

Ways to sell with Ecwid include a flexible tool that lets you quickly add a product for sale anywhere on your website. It’s called the Ecwid “Buy Now” button, and it’s available for free for everybody with an Ecwid account

Buy Now Button

On the surface, it’s just a product picture with the name, the price, and the button, but this small widget has all the power of an e-commerce store.

By clicking the “Buy Now” button, your customers can instantly process the checkout with various payment options and shipping methods you can choose to offer. You can also change a lot in the look and elements of the “Buy Now” button for it to match your goals.

In this article, we’ll give you 7 ideas of where you can place a “Buy Now” button to get maximum profit. Be sure to have a look at our earlier post with the instructions on how to add a “Buy Now” button to your website.

On Your Homepage

If your homepage doesn’t have a storefront, you can add some of your products to this most popular page to sell them out faster. Products on the homepage might be:

  • New arrivals.
  • Best-sellers.
  • Discounted products.
  • Seasonal offers.
  • Limited editions, etc.

Buy Now Button on Homepage

Ecwid’s “Buy Now” button on the homepage of beyogabelove.com

On the Sidebar

Would you like to keep your product visible no matter what page your customers are on? Place a “Buy Now” button on the sidebar and it will always be visible while your customers browse your website.

Buy Now Button on the Sidebar

“Buy Now” button on the sidebar of bellischicago.com

On Error 404 Page

Sometimes people will mistype your store URL or use an old, broken link (e.g. shared on social media) to access your store. Then they will see the error 404 page.

That page can scare your visitors: they might think your store no longer exists or that they are in a completely wrong place. In order to keep these fellows interested, you can:

  • Design an error 404 page with your branded style.
  • Tell them what’s happened and share a link to somewhere else on your website, e.g. the homepage.
  • Place a “Buy Now” button with a popular product.

Thus, you won’t lose your potential customer but arouse their interest to take further action.

On Your Blog

Say you have a company blog and share a story of how you created your new collection. Guess what? You can add your products right in the article’s body to catch your customers while they are captivated by your story.

Buy Now Button on the Blog

“Buy Now” button on wellproducedwines.com

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On a Landing Page

If you want to launch or promote a single product, you might want to create a separate landing page to drive your traffic to. This is where a “Buy Now” button works perfectly: you’ll be able to start selling in moments.

Buy Now Button on a landing page

At thegreenspring.us you can see a customized widget showing nothing but the product name and the button itself.

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In the Gallery

You can design your product catalog creatively if you add “Buy Now” buttons to your photo gallery.

Buy Now Button on Gallery

Product photo gallery at fliostand.com

On Partner Websites

You can add “Buy Now” buttons to any website, as many times as you want. All you need is to copy the widget code and pass it on to your partner. They can be:

  • Another online store that you collaborate with.
  • A famous blog where the review on your product is published.
  • A local company’s website that you partner with or sponsor.

Learn more about partnerships: Affiliate Marketing: A Valuable Strategy To Make Money Online


In order to start selling with Ecwid’s “Buy Now” buttons, you’ll need an Ecwid account. If you haven’t got one yet, sign up for free now. You’ll get access to a variety of Ecwid features, such as:

And of course, share your ways of selling with the Ecwid “Buy Now” button in the comments below!

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