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7 Instagram Apps to Increase E-commerce Sales

We already mentioned how to use Instagram for e-commerce. Today, we’re going to tell you how to automate the work, gain popularity, and convert subscribers to clients with the help of free or cheap services.

Scheduled Posting

If you can automate your task, do it. Free your time and brain for strategically important questions. Spend half a day and plan Instagram posts for a week ahead, to avoid daily distractions. Here are 8 apps to help you to dominate at Instagram e-commerce marketing.


Latergramme sends a message to you at a predetermined time with a reminder to post your photos. This is a great way to stick to posting at regular intervals. Unfortunately, this app will not post your photos for you.

Latergramme screenshot desktop

Cost: Free to sign up with paid plans starting at $9.50/month.


Using Hootsuite, you can send and schedule posts on Instagram and other social networks at the same time. When you send or schedule posts, Hootsuite sends a notification to your mobile app where you can easily publish the post via Instagram.

Instagram is supported in Hootsuite on iOS, Android, and mobile web. Publish posts via the Hootsuite and Instagram apps using your mobile device.

Cost: Free 30 day trial with plans starting at $9.99/month.


Start planning with SMMplanner by using your Instagram login and password. The service gives you 50 free posts per month and an extra 25 liking SSMplanner on Facebook. You can buy additional posts for less than two cents per post or subscribe to their unlimited plan with up to 20 accounts for $22.

You can hammer out the setup in 15 minutes. Bonus: you can also plan posts for other social networks.

Smm planner for Instagram

BEWARE: Due to the Instagram API, the registration process of scheduled posting will delete your password. Be sure you have the email associated with your Instagram account so you can recover your password after registration.

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Monitor Instagram effectively

Dig deep into the performance of your e-commerce content on Instagram, and ascertain what is working, and what is not.


Iconosquare, an official Instagram analytics service, provides a clean interface to view and analyze your account’s performance. It will tell you about your most active subscribers and popular posts while tracking gained and lost followers. Iconosquare also gives you the chance to compare your performance against your competitors, helping you get a better idea of where you fit into your industry landscape.

The app is free, and Iconosquare removes ads on all your devices and updates statistics for $4.90/month.

Iconosquare for Instagram

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Hashtags Search


To attract attention to your picture, a bunch of hashtags isn’t enough — they must be popular. Register with the app using your Instagram account, test the tags you want to use with your brand’s theme and choose the top hashtags from the list.

For example, the most popular hashtags for online sports footwear are #run #running and #runningshoes.

How to find the most popular hashtags on Instagram

The right column will show you the list of accounts connected to your request. You can review their content marketing strategy and sense their subscribers’ mood. Which pictures do they like and reply to the most?

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Auto Following

Develop you account gradually without using bots and mass following tactics. Nobody likes spammers. Only follow those accounts close to your theme and target people who may like your content. By making your content entertaining and useful, you’ll gain more likes and new followers.

This scheme works easily: a user posted a picture with hashtag #selfie and saw that “Best selfies” account as a new follower. It’s highly probable that they will subscribe in return. However, the manual following is time-consuming. You should automate your social media interactions.

Instaplus simplifies your Instagram promotion by taking it to the cloud. With Instaplus, you can automatically like, comment, follow, and unfollow targeted users. Instaplus gets you real, targeted Instagram followers by providing filters to eliminate shops and bot accounts and target only relevant users. There are no downloads required and you can do everything from Instaplus’ simple and intuitive web interface.

Instaplus Easiest, Most Effective Instagram Automation Service

Cost: Free 15 day trial with plans starting at $4.79/month.

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Celebrity Repost

Celebrity ambassadors help e-commerce brands build trust and generate social media buzz about the product. Also, a celebrity mention guarantees a flow of followers and visitors.


LabelUp serves as intermediary advertisers and popular Instagram accounts. LabelUp moderates all member and provides clear pricing before your commit to anything. It’s also possible to set the celebrity parameters from by theme and age.

If you’re yourself is an Instagram star, sign up and earn money.

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Posting From  Ecwid Stores: Ecwid Mobile

If you have an Ecwid store, you can post your products on Instagram with three clicks. Download the mobile app for iOS or  for Andriod and press the “share” button in the product info screen. The name, price, and description will convert to text in your web clipboard. From here, your picture will be published on Instagram automatically. Press “next”, paste your text from the web clipboard and press “ready”.

Ecwid Mobile for posting products on Instagram

What apps do you use for Instagram promotion? Share your experience with us in comments.

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