Storefront Label Editor

App price: Free

Easily edit and customize labels throughout your online store

  • Customize labels in your online store
  • Changes are automatically enabled on all your storefronts
  • Represent your unique brand identity

Easily edit labels in your online store to reflect your brand!

This intuitive, simple application allows you to change all labels in your storefront to reflect your preferences, your brand, and your business. For example, you can easily change all instances of 'Add to Bag' to 'Add to Cart' or edit all labels to be improved for your native language translations - Whatever your preferences, this app will make it quick and easy (and it's free).

You can manage any label that is shown in the storefront right in your Control Panel. Whether a branded label, a different language, or any other customization, you can make sure your store best represents your brand and business for your customers.