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Barcode Inventory Management

Price: $9.99/month, free trial
Made by Athousandapps

Barcodes, labels and tools for fast and accurate inventory management

  • Generate barcodes, manage and print barcode labels with additional product information
  • Simple, live inventory scanning and editing with any barcode scanner
  • Make bulk changes and record notes for large inventory tasks like receiving products, running cycle counts or removing expired products

Track and manage your store's inventory with barcode labels and simple inventory management tools

Eliminate the Pain of Inventory Management!

If you've had customers call and email about incorrectly picked items, Barcode Inventory Management can help you pick and pack better.

If you've had to call or email customers about "in stock" products in their orders that were not actually in stock, Barcode Inventory Management can help you build a system to track your inventory better.

If you've placed orders to replenish your inventory only to find that you already have too much or too little of something, Barcode Inventory Management can help you build a better reordering system.

If thinking about managing your inventory gives you headaches, Barcode Inventory Management will give you the simple tools to build a high quality, accurate inventory system.

Generate Code 128, UPC-A, EAN-13 or EAN-8 barcodes for your SKU or UPC values, and create barcode label templates that can be printed from thermal label printers or normal laser or inkjet printers. Include additional information on your labels including product names, pricing, variation options, and SKUs.

Use the live inventory tool to quickly check the available inventory of items in your warehouse, or to make quick changes to inventory. Use the add, update, and reduce inventory bulk tools to make larger changes. Capture additional notes about what's being changed for accounting, improving inventory planning, and other inventory management process improvements.

Scan Code 128, UPC, EAN, or ISBN barcodes with any of the included tools, to find matching SKU or UPC values in your store.

Get started, and read about this app's features here.



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