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Share a Refund: Automatic Refunds on Shipping Invoices

Price: Free

Share a Refund is autocorrect for your shipping invoices. Works on FedEx, DHL and UPS

  • Free money. This app finds and secures refunds when you've paid too much on shipping, and shares the savings delivered. Hence the name: Share a Refund. It's all upside
  • No setup. Simply provide your login credentials to your shipping accounts, and get the first refunds in as little as just 5 minutes. No changes are required on your end
  • Zero of pocket expenses. There's no upfront or ongoing fees, the only cost is a percentage of the refunds secure back to your shipping accounts
  • Great reporting. Real-time charts and graphs showcase all shipping, auditing and refunding activities on your shipping accounts. Weekly emails keep you up-to-date

Get the refunds you deserve. Share a Refund does the work. You collect the savings.

Share a Refund is a winner for your business. Seriously. With just a 2 minute sign up, you can expect to save 4.5% on shipping with no changes in your existing process, no upfront fees, no monthly fees. If you ship parcels with FedEx, UPS and DHL, this app is for you.


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