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Sendle Shipping

Price: Billed externally
Made by Joovii

Connect Sendle to your online store for streamlined shipping.

  • Display dynamic shipping quotes at the cart and checkout pages.
  • Base quotes on product weight / volume, customer address, merchant pick up address and Sendle account plan.
  • Submit shipments to Sendle automatically or send from store sales page when you are ready.

Tested and approved by Sendle, this app provides the ultimate connectivity between your store and Sendle.

Display live quotes from Sendle based on item quantity and weight of products added to the cart. The app also utilises store address and customer delivery address to generate accurate shipping quotes for both domestic and international shipments. Along with pricing, the app can also show estimated time of delivery.

Also there are so many customisable options in the settings area such as Shipping Method Title, Connection Mode [Sandbox/Live], Additional Shipping quote markup [in %] or Handling Fee, Pickup days delay, Pickup Instructions.

There is also a “Shipment booking mode” option in the settings area with 3 options: “Book shipment when an order is submitted by customer in the frontend”, “Book shipment when admin changes the order status to 'Processing' “, “Book shipment directly into Sendle”.



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