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Customize the look of your store

Your online store looks great wherever it is, but every business is unique and you want to be sure that the store reflects your brand. Check out some great pre-made themes and tools to truly customize your store!

Discover all benefits of these apps

Get a pre-designed theme

Our partners have created hundreds of beautiful, unique themes for your website and online store. They are affordable, effective, and can be installed in minutes by even the most novice user.

Create your own theme

Your online store works on any site, but is also flexible enough to be customized piece by piece using an intuitive visual editor.

Additional custom add-ons

Once you’re happy with the design, it’s time to add a few extra tools to further enhance the shopping experience. Product reviews, recommendations, and much more will help give your store that little extra spark.

Tip from the Ecwid Blog

Our friends at Logaster wrote an excellent article about different ways to create your own brand logo and give expert advice on how to make yours powerful and appealing. We’ll also show how to create a logo online with the help of a free online creation tool and install it to your online store.

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