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ContentGenie AI: Generate Blog post, Product Data, SEO, Social Media Content For Store

Price: $6 / month, free trial

ContentGenie AI assistant for Blog/SEO/Product Descriptions/FB/Insta/Tweet content

  • Leverage AI content with ease yet control and customize generation as per your needs with a click of a button.
  • All content needs in one place: optimized blog posts, SEO optimization, FB/Insta/Tweets, Product/Category descriptions, random topics.
  • Craft with precision by so many options to choose tone, age group, positioning, language and more.
  • Free for 7 days. Package choose for ease monthly customization as per ongoing month’s need.

Want to generate optimized product descriptions, blog posts, FB, insta, tweets, SEO tags with automation yet complete control and customization? Try Content Genie AI.

In today's digital age, compelling content is the key to attracting and retaining customers. ContentGenie using artificial intelligence algorithms is a complete content solution to boost your online presence and drive sales. Integrated with ecwid store products and categories. With a click of a button:

  • Get unique customization features with options to choose specific tone of content, target age groups, market positioning, length, language.
  • Editable attention-grabbing product/category descriptions and title and updating them automatically, individually or in bulk.
  • Editable SEO tags for product/category and updating them automatically, individually or in bulk.
  • Editable and highly customized Blog with or without images with social media sharing options individually or in bulk.
  • Editable and engaging Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed with easy sharing individually or in bulk.
  • Even an option to generate all the above any random topic individually or in bulk.
  • Choose ContentGenie AI today and usher into a new era of eCommerce success – where content creation is effortless, customization is precise, and helps your business thrives. Try free for 7 days!


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