New Apps

Market-proven promotions to stimulate sales: Three for the price of two, Second for free and other
Buy One Get One Free: Sales Promotions
$12.5 / month, free trial
Reviews + Q&A = increased site traffic, conversion rates and sales
HelpfulCrowd – Ratings & Reviews | Question & Answer
Free to $49.99 / month
Easily restyle your online store the way you want
Decorator – Restyle Your Store
One badge for all your customer reviews
Trustami – One seal for all reviews
Free to €49.99+ / month
All-In-One Marketing Solution To Get Your Store Found Online and Sell More
Kliken Marketing: Google Campaigns and Retargeting
$50 / campaign
Create urgency with a dynamic countdown timer on your product page and increase sales and revenue
Timer Plus – Sale Countdown Timer
$4.95 / month, free trial
Link your store to Drop Shippers. Automated product import + Automated inventory updates
Wholesale2b Dropshipping
$29.99 / month, free trial
Amazing, useful and customizable email subscriber Popup app with built-in Mailchimp API Integration
Mailchimp Email Capture Popup
$9.99 / month, free trial
Affiliate marketing program for your store
LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing
From $49 to $79 / month, free trial
Build social proof by collecting and displaying reviews on your site
TrustedSite Reviews
Free to $29 / month
Protect your images from unwanted downloads
ImageLock – Protect Store Images From Downloads
$5 / month, free trial
Fast, smart, and flexible searches for your online store
CloudSearch – Search as you type with suggestions and autocorrect
$14.95 / month, free trial
We develop what your store needs to compete

Sometimes unique products require more than what a static image can convey. If you can not find an app or a feature that will make your store complete, please contact us and we will create it for you.

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