New Apps

Beautiful and clear drop-down categories menu with pictures
Multi-level Illustrated Menu: Show Categories Menu with Pictures
$4.25 / month, free trial
Price-management automation to increase your sales and profits
Price Optimizer: Price A/B-testing & Automated Price Management
$4.99 / month, free trial
Advertise your products on Google in a few simple steps!
Google Shopping: Advertise your products on Google
$75+ / campaign
Your store orders will be pulled and fulfilled automatically
Acutrack: Automate your Fulfillment Process
Ask customers how they found your store at checkout
How did you find us?
eFulfillment Service makes order fulfillment fast, easy and affordable for sellers of all sizes
eFulfillment Service
The ultimate shipping app for businesses of all sizes
ShippingEasy: Shipping, Inventory and Customer Marketing
Free to $69+/month, free trial
Increase your sales with smart & personalized email marketing Smart Email Marketing
Free to $79+ / month
Increase customer registration by letting them register with their social account in just one click
Social Login
$1.99 / month, free trial
Create & optimize a Google Shopping feed & automatically build Shopping & Search campaigns
Dynamic Creative Ad Builder for Google Shopping & Search
$95 / month, free trial
Sync your products to Amazon Marketplace without any hassle!
ExportFeed: Sell Products on Amazon Marketplace
Free to $39.99+ / month
Control your site’s traffic and prevent fraud
Secure Traffic: Control and Monitor Site’s Traffic
From $6 to $15 / month, free trial
We develop what your store needs to compete

Sometimes unique products require more than what a static image can convey. If you can not find an app or a feature that will make your store complete, please contact us and we will create it for you.

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