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Wish List

Price: $5.50 / month, free trial

Improve sales and marketing with customizable wish lists

  • Let customers share their wish list with others by link or on social media.
  • Integrate with Meta/Facebook/Instagram Pixel for customer retargeting.
  • Analyze wish list product data to create email lists or plan inventory management.

Grow sales and improve marketing with shareable and customizable wish lists

Let your customers track the products and options they want, and share their wish lists by email or social media. Customers can create their wish lists anonymously, so even new customers who haven’t made a purchase can use the app.

Retarget with the Meta/Facebook/Instagram pixel, even for users who haven’t logged in! Analyze the products and options your customers have saved to their wish lists to create email campaigns and manage your inventory more efficiently.

Customize the colors and text in the app to match your company’s branding, and have the Wish List app seamlessly fit into your store.

Check out our demo store at or

If the app doesn’t quite match your needs, let us know and we’ll happily see if we can make the improvements you’re looking for.



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