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Telegram Storefront: Grow your sales with Telegram

Price: 9$ / month, 14-day free trial

Sell online to over 700 million monthly active Telegram users

  • Promote your store with Telegram communities
  • Make repeat sales with mailings to bot subscribers
  • Let customers share your store bot and products
  • Set up bot in 5 minutes

Start your sales to Telegram users!

Telegram is a cross-platform messenger that enables users to exchange text, voice, and video messages. Today, it ranks second in the App Store social networking rankings.

Besides being a fast-growing messaging app, Telegram has channels that unite people with the same interests. And it is a great opportunity for you to find a highly targeted audience for the store.

Why Should You Use Telegram for Your Business?

Telegram Has a Huge Audience and Is Growing Fast

Telegram’s audience worldwide has reached 700 million users and is growing. You can use this huge built-in audience and provide access to your store without leaving the messenger.

Easy start and targeting to your audience

To start selling in Telegram you should create and set up your bot which takes around 5 minutes. After it, you can select channels that suit your audience by topic and language and run an ad campaign.

Repeat sales

Create mailings to your bot subscribers to get additional sales. Tell your audience about your store: new products, discounts, offers! Make repeat sales without marketing costs!

Store Can Go Viral on Telegram

One of the topics that people discuss in messengers is shopping. People talk about what they plan to buy, already bought, and recommend products to friends. And your store can be natively integrated into this flow by sharing products through the bot.

Let’s start and set up the bot in 5 minutes!


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