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Social proof: Create a sense of urgency and trust

Price: $6.49 / month, free trial
Made by Kinvasoft

Increase conversion and sales (up to 20%) showing current and recent customer actions as messages

  • Show store popularity
  • Show the shopping rush
  • Create competition for product purchases
  • Motivate to buy more using coupons.

A reliable way to gain customers’ confidence

Social proof helps owners of online stores increase conversions and sales by displaying information about current and recent customer actions in the form of messages:

1. Real-time statistics:

  • counter for the purchase of goods
  • counter for viewing goods
  • counter balance of goods
  • product discount message

2. Pop-up message (who bought what)
Buyers see the message and on the subconscious begin to trust the store more, thinking something like this: “I see the store is often bought, it is popular, it means it works well and the product is of high quality, so you can safely buy in it”.

Wins Customers' Trust

People are following the actions of the masses. To gain customers' Trust shows customer's activities on your store.

Grow Conversion Rates

Creating urgency and feeling of the motion helps to convert visitors into customers, increasing conversion rates up to 20%.

Brand Popularity

Displaying recent purchased products in your store to a visitor, shows that your store is popular.

Check out the demo:

If you need to translate texts in the application into your language, send an email to with the subject “I need a translation for Social Proof”.


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