Product Labels

Price: $7.95 / month, free trial
Made by Simcase

Increase product views by adding labels to your storefront

  • Full customization of the label: Text, colors, shapes, location and more
  • Manual assignment of labels on individual products and entire categories
  • Automatic assignment of labels based on chosen conditions

Product Labels will attract and focus buyers’ attention on certain products and deliver the desired call to action to them

Using the Product Labels App, you can put any number of labels on your store storefront. If necessary, you can easily hide labels from buyers or assign them to other products.

The application provides full customization of the labels. Use different shapes, adjust colors and position, specify any texts - anything you need to reflect your brand and the needs of your customers.

We had been using the trial app before, and were delighted to continue using the app and all its features. We’re very satisfied with the results and we love that we can promote specific articles with special labels, such as “sale,” “hot” and “new”. We get a lot of response from these labels! The specific items definitely get a boost in sales. Mike Lambrechts-Vugs, Arttra-Design.

The process of adding labels is flexible and simple using either the automatic or manual mode. Manual mode allows you to select individual items or entire categories. Automatic mode means the labels will automatically be assigned to or removed from products depending on the cost, the time it appears in the catalog, last modified time, availability of products in the store or keywords in the product description.

We have given you a head start and prepared a starter set of labels, including: "New", "Best", "Hot", "Sale", "15% Off" and others.

We have been looking for an image overlay app for our products for ages, we used to do it the “manual way”… where we had to go into photoshop and add the images to all products one by one, this was extremely time-consuming and frustrating. When we discovered the Product Labels App we were blown away by the simplicity, time-saving and added features it offers! This is a must have app in your Ecwid App Arsenal! Bryan, Jungle Aquatics.

Keep an eye out for great new features like exciting fresh labels and assignment rules coming soon!

Try Product Labels and attract more buyers today!



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