Now In Store: Automatic Catalog and Flyer Builder

Price: From $19 to $299 / month, free trial

Create professional and customizable catalogs and flyers for your store products

  • Gain control over your sales with catalogs and flyers that can be downloaded, printed, and shared digitally
  • Be recognized for your beautiful catalogs and flyers
  • Easy to use platform that requires no code
  • Now In Store is trusted by 16,000+ stores

Create stunning catalogs in just a few clicks.

Now In Store's catalog and flyer builder is a tool which automatically creates a professional customizable catalog or flyer of your Ecwid products in under 30 seconds.

With a few clicks, import all of your Ecwid products into a beautiful catalog builder interface. Easily choose from over 24 layouts. Upload your own images and branding. Organize each page of your catalog. Customize your front and back covers. Add a wholesale contract and order forms.

You can then either download it as a printable PDF or share it on social networks as a digital catalog. Your customers can click on each product and will be automatically directed to your store product page.

We are constantly adding new features to our app and your feedback and suggestions are always welcome!


Made by Kwaku Zigah

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