Customer Connect Rewards

Make shopping fun for your customers and keep them coming back

  • Reward your customers: Customers earn a point per dollar spent. Points can be converted to rewards.
  • Increase revenue: Increase revenue through powerful offers such as prepaid rewards and clubcards.
  • Powerful incentives: Change customer behavior through incentives that make sense.
  • Campaign Management: Target your customers based on location, purchasing behavior, age, visit frequency and customer ranking.

Create a powerful incentive system to make your customers loyal and spend more

Customer Connect is all about driving your customers to consistently choose your store over your competitors, make them shop more frequently and spend more on every order.

It accomplishes these objectives by providing a variety of tools such as powerful offers (rewards, coupons, prepaid, clubcard), create a powerful incentive system and to constantly keep your customers interested and keep them coming back by sending them marketing messages and offers that are relevant to them.

Customers have a “wallet” that holds all different types of offers and is seamlessly integrated into the shopping workflow. Customers can easily access the reward catalog and use their points as currency to purchase rewards. Any reward in the wallet can be applied towards the current purchase. At the end of the order, customers receive an email that gives them their point summary.



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