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Get an Offer on Catalog Products

Price: $9.99 / month, free trial

Get offers, collect preorders from prospective buyers and more

  • Convert window shoppers into customers
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Form Builder to build your own fields
  • Display offers on specific products

Get an Offer - Make a sale

Get an Offer app helps you convert window shoppers into a customer by giving users the option to contact you from the products details pages. In the app settings you can add a button for visitors to leave their contact information and you will see the requests from them in the application interface of your Store Control Panel.

The Form Builder allows you to customize the fields and the information you ask from customers: do you need to know the email, phone number or a company name? No problem! You are in total control of what you ask from your visitors.

We recommend to use this application for collecting requests for out of stock products, preorders and general inquiries. Once set up, you will receive an email notification from the app when somebody submits the form in your store ( email are not supported at the moment).