Ask for feedback and build a community

Get more customers coming back to your store by making them feel like a part of your community. Ask for their feedback in real time or right after they make a purchase. Use the following apps to add reviews and a live chat to your store..

Tip: Research shows that even negative feedback helps attract new customers and sales, so let the customer voice be heard!

Offer discounts to repeat customers

Giving returning customers a discount is an easy way to bring them back. Ecwid provides native functionality to easily set up targeted promotions, and OrangeTwig can help automate them.

Keep in touch

Sending newsletters is a simple, effective way to keep customers engaged with your business. It builds rapport, grows your brand and keeps previous buyers engaged! MailChimp allows you to automate email marketing while Easy Contact Form will help you grow your contact list. Use Buyable Links to generate links that will send your customers to a cart full a products — making it easy for them to purchase.

Tip from the Ecwid Blog

Want to be sure all your customers are happy? Then get their feedback! Our team put together a great guide on why customer feedback matters, and how to leverage the data you receive. Read the full article in the Ecwid Blog.

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