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Custom URL for ‘Continue Shopping’ Buttons

Price: Free
Made by Lightspeed

Customize 'Continue Shopping' links to any preferred URL

  • Direct customers to any URL after they click 'Continue Shopping'
  • Choose between Default, Store Home Page and Custom URL options

Drive shoppers to the pages you want

The ‘Continue Shopping’ buttons in your online store are designed to allow your customers to return to the product catalog from non-catalog pages of your store (shopping cart, search, and checkout pages) and to continue browsing your store. The buttons work this way:

  • If a shopper adds a product to cart and then clicks the ‘Continue Shopping’ button, they are redirected to the category to which the added product belongs
  • If customer opens the bag without adding products to it and then clicks the ‘Continue Shopping’ button, they are redirected to the last visited category (or to the root 'store' category if no category was visited previously).

This application allows you to specify any URL for these “Continue Shopping” buttons in your online store. Specify any URL you prefer and drive customers to the pages you want!



Made by Lightspeed

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