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Buyable Links

Price: Free
Made by Ecwid

Share a direct link to your store with preselected products in a cart

  • Generate links to cart with products easily
  • Save customers’ time when making a purchase
  • Initiate promotions on specific products bought together!

Give customers a link to buy products in one click!

Ever wondered how you can make the checkout process easier when doing a promotion? We’ve got a solution for you!

Buyable Links application will allow you to:

  • Select the products
  • Generate a link to the cart
  • Send it to a customer or promote it on social media

When your customer clicks on that link, they will be directed to your storefront and the products you selected will be added to their cart automatically. Pretty cool, right?

This allows you to do various promotions on your social and email channels and also saves time if a customer forgot which items they added earlier.

Start boosting sales and saving time today with Buyable Links!



Made by Ecwid

Contact developer at https://support.ecwid.com

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