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Social Coupon

Made by Zotabox

Instantly get more shares and followers by offering customers discount coupons

  • Get more followers and shares instantly by offering a coupon for sharing your website or following your social account
  • Stylish, flexible and responsive popups with multiple templates. Offer coupon for collecting emails too
  • Choose where, when and to who to display your popup including on exit

Get more shares and followers by offering a coupon to your visitors to incentivize them to share your website or follow your social media account

Do you want more shares and followers? Offer a discount when your visitors share your website or follow your social account. Discounts are a key factor that consumers take into account when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. Coupons motivate shoppers to shop. When you offer a discount your customers are much more likely to exercise their purchasing power and shop products from your online store, especially when the offer is an instant popup coming from our social coupon app.

You can upload custom background images and select from multiple templates. Flexible display rules allow you to display your popup where, when and to who you want. You can choose to display your message to users who are about to exit your site. We use the latest technology to quickly display your popup without compromising the speed of your website.


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Made by Zotabox

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