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Zapier: Web Apps Connector

Price: Free to $20+ / month, free trial
Made by Lightspeed

Connect over 500 popular web apps and services to your online store

  • Automate repetitive tasks, such as SMS notifications triggered by incoming orders or new customers
  • Choose among thousands of online templates that have been created and shared by other Zapier users OR create your one
  • Manage all your "Zaps" from one dashboard, connect all your accounts and switch Zaps on and off as you please

Use hundreds of preconfigured integrations.

Zapier provides an integration platform that allows you to automate daily tasks that involve using Ecwid by Lightspeed and 500+ applications (like ifttt). By creating a "Zap", you can define an action and set it up to be repeated when certain triggers happen. An example of a "trigger" that you could set up in Zapier might be new order placed in your store, and the resulting "action" might include receiving an SMS notification. The Zap is, in this case, designed to send you an SMS notification every time you receive an order in your Ecwid by Lightspeed shop.

You can use Zapier to create connections, or “Zaps”, between over 500 applications. Once you have created a Zap, Zapier will continue to run it automatically. Through the control dashboard you can turn Zaps on and off as you wish. You can also manage multiple accounts from one dashboard. Along with creating your own Zaps, you can choose among a range of Zaps created by the community of Zapier users.



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