WhatsApp Plugin: Free chat, share and opt-in widget

Price: Free

Free WhatsApp Chat, Greetings, Share and opt-in widget

  • Free WhatsApp Chat and Share Widgets with multiple agents and display settings.
  • Free opt-in widget for WhatsApp (Make your WhatsApp users database for free)
  • Free WhatsApp share widget for product pages on your instant website

Enhance your customers experience by integrating WhatsApp with your online store

We support ease of doing business and believe that communication and marketing should be an easy task for all. An informed customer is always a happy customer. Convert leads into customers.

This is an all-in-one solution to integrate WhatsApp with your online store. Whether you want to enable store visitors to chat with you, or if you want to send outbound messages via WhatApp manually or automatically, we have something for you. (For WhatsApp notifications we have moved it to our new unified App i.e. Sellonboard: https://www.ecwid.com/apps/paymentgateways/sellonboard

Please Note: WhatsApp is not our brand and WhatsApp does not endorse this app in any way. We use WhatsApp APIs provided to us by its official partner Tyntec powered by Nextel.io


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