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UpTracker: Fulfill Multiple 3PL Orders

Price: $0.01 / fulfillment
Made by UpTracker

Bulk Update 3PL Tracking & Mark order as Fulfilled in CSV via FTP or Email

  • Simple one-time setup for continuous updates
  • Multiple sources: email, file upload(CSV, XLS, XLSX), direct link, and FTP connection
  • Automated scheduling to save time

Set Tracking Numbers for Multiple Orders at Once

UpTracker lets you mark multiple orders as shipped with tracking numbers using CSV, FTP, or email. Save your time processing multiple orders and focus on timely fulfillment.

Automate fulfilling orders from shipping files from vendors, suppliers, drop shippers or warehouses. Read the order number from the file and find matching orders to update fulfillment status and tracking info.

Manage multiple sources in a single platform and view or download all your orders in the fulfillment log provided.

How easy it is to use UpTracker:

  • Choose your connection method
  • Map your order with your order file
  • Add filters (optional)
  • Start updating your orders

Not sure if you are doing it right? Our support team is on standby and ready to help.

Improve customer service and transparency, and reduce service calls with UpTracker.



Made by UpTracker

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