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SMS Order Notifications via Twilio

Price: $4.99 / month, free trial

Send SMS notifications for any order payment or shipping status to customers

  • SMS notification for any order payment or shipping status
  • Enable or disable SMS for any status
  • Custom SMS notifications can be sent to customers globally
  • Message Log available (SMS display limit applicable)

Send SMS notifications for any order payment or shipping status

Important note: this app provides connection to Twilio SMS services. To use it, make sure to choose a pricing option in Twilio based on your requirements:

According to Frost & Sullivan, SMS messages have a 95% open rate and most are read within 5 seconds. This is three times better than email and is far more personalized.

This application will connect your Ecwid store with a Twilio service to send order SMS notifications to your customers when they specify a phone number in the checkout process. SMS notifications will be sent to their phones when there is a status update available about their order in your store.

Another great feature is that you can send a custom SMS to any phone number right from the application interface. It can be useful when you want to notify customer of any issues with the order or upcoming store promotions.

* The message text limit is 140 characters, more than 140 characters is sent as second message.


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